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The Magic of PVRIS in Paris

The Magic of PVRIS in Paris

Three years have passed since the last time we experienced PVRIS touring in the UK and Europe – but they’re back and the wait was definitely worth the way! They’re back signed to a new label, with new music and what seems to be like a brand new attitude, and we’re here for it. Lucky for us, we were able to catch PVRIS’ tour in Paris. And they blew us away yet once again. PVRIS just get better by the minute!

The Opening Acts

Before we get into the main show, we can’t skip over the two opening acts we saw before PVRIS. The first set was performed by a french singer-songwriter: CLOUD. She completely lit up the place with her indie alternative sound and her beautiful voice. It was a perfect way to set the mood for what would be to come.

The second opening act is someone that has been touring with PVRIS for the entirety of the tour: Charlotte Sands. It’s an understatement to say she completely owned the stage. With her pop-punk sound and her insane charisma, you could even believe she was the headliner. With each song, she got everyone more hypnotized and blown away.

Both of these artists set the mood incredibly well for what would be PVRIS, with similar but very unique energies. The concert was already amazing, even before PVRIS got on stage.

The Main Show

There’s one thing everyone should know about PVRIS and it’s that through the years, the band never ceases to impress — every single time. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen PVRIS live but it was definitely the best one – and the band seemed to agree.

Their new song, ‘ANIMAL,’ was the perfect way to open the show – with its upbeat rock sound. It was soon followed by ‘Monster,’ which believe it or not sounds even better live. And we didn’t think that was possible. The song already goes so hard.

But of course, they played older songs such as ‘Fire’ and ‘Mirror’ which are simply classics at this point. We could never get tired of them. ‘You And I‘ was also in the setlist and it is no exaggeration when we say this song live will always feel like an out-of-body experience. The only song from their sophomore album, All We Know Of Heaven All We Need Of Hell, was their single ‘What’s Wrong.’ Even if it was the only song from that album, what better song than ‘What’s Wrong’ to embody the album’s entire story and energy? There’s something truly cathartic about singing “I don’t need a metaphor for you to know I’m miserable.”

They also played songs such as their 2021 empowering single ‘My Way.’ But more importantly, of course, they blessed us with a live version of one of their newer songs: ‘ANYWHERE BUT HERE.’ PVRIS’ front-women and singer, Lynn Gunn, took out her acoustic guitar and it was absolutely beautiful. This song is already incredible but the emotions live were something else. Not many vocalists or bands can achieve the magic that PVRIS do live.

‘Dead Weight,’ ‘Gimme A Minute’ and ‘Use Me‘ are two songs from their third album, Use Me, which we had never seen live in this part of the world. Discovering these songs in a concert was a big highlight of the show. Revisiting ‘Old Wounds’ live was just as incredible, and closing the main set with ‘Death Of Me’ was genius. They had everyone jumping around and singing at the top of their lungs.

PVRIS have such a perfect discography that it would be impossible for them to have a bad setlist. Even so, we can assure you that this one was simply perfect. Not only that but they managed to create an atmosphere that had everyone on the edge of their seats hoping for more. Add musical masterpieces, perfect executions, incredible talent, and Lynn’s insane charisma – you get magic.

The Encore

But that was far from all. The encore needs an entire section because it was such a big highlight of the show. The energy just blew off the roof during this section of the concert. It is no exaggeration when we tell you the public didn’t let a single second of silence pass by between the time the band left the stage for the first time and when they came back. To open this encore with all the energy, they played their newest song: ‘GODDESS.’ This song was actually premiered live during the first show of the tour so it hasn’t been out for that long – but the crows went absolutely insane. And seeing the way Lynn Gunn led the crowd during this song and the entire concert, let us tell you she’s right: she’s been iconic since she started.

See Also

‘GODDESS’ was followed, of course, by a must in every single PVRIS show: ‘My House.’ Both the band and the crowd gave their everything in this song. Listen, almost ten years after its release, it still hits. The show, unfortunately, had to come to its end with ‘Hallucinations’ – one of the most iconic songs out of Use Me. It was the perfect song to tie everything together.

PVRIS owned the crowd, the show, the venue – everything. There is truly something in the way they put on a show, with their music, their charisma, and we could go on about this night forever. Here’s the gist: PVRIS is absolutely one of those bands everyone should see live at least once in their life. With every single tour, they bring something new and refreshing, and they get better every time. PVRIS rocked Paris.

What’s your favorite song in the setlist for this tour? What’s one PVRIS you wish you could see live? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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