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First Thoughts on First Listen: Jagwar Twin

First Thoughts on First Listen: Jagwar Twin

I am someone who prides myself on my music taste. That being said, sometimes my music can get stale at times, feeling stagnant, as if I keep listening to the same things over and over again. When I get to that point, my playlists just aren’t hitting the way I wanted them to. That’s when I turn to my friends, this time specifically the other Honeybees on The Honey Pop team. They specifically suggested Jagwar Twin, an artist I’ve heard of but never took the time to check out until now. I had them tell me their favorite songs, and I decided to write out my first impressions of each recommendation I was given. 

‘Happy Face’

This was the first song I was recommended. At first, listen, the sound reminded me of another artist I enjoy, but I couldn’t place exactly who. There was a vague familiarity to the song that felt like a warm hug, but it also had a modernity to it. I definitely wished the song was longer, something I find myself wanting with a lot of new releases. The song overall is super catchy, and I find myself humming the chorus as I write this. I think my favorite part is the harlequin-slash-carnival-esque instrumental, which gives the song a certain ominous nature that you wouldn’t expect from the title. 

‘The Circle (0)’

This song is just as haunting as ‘Happy Face’ but in a very different way. From the near acapella beginning to the gentle crescendo has a haunting nature. The lyrics tell a story, and the delivery is reminiscent of the folk music that I grew up with. It’s been a long time since a song has given me chills the first time I listened to it, but ‘The Circle’ did exactly that. I’m not giving these songs a ranking on a scale, but if I did, this one would definitely be ranked highest marks across the board. 

‘Down to You’

This song initially feels different from ‘The Circle’ and ‘Happy Face,’ as the beat seems more danceable. As it progresses, though, you can tell it’s the same artist. I find myself bobbing my head and wanting to groove in my seat, but I cannot at the exact moment. ‘Down to You’ definitely fulfilled the need for a longer song that I wanted from ‘Happy Face,’ but it doesn’t feel like it drags as some songs can these days. This is definitely a song that would be incredibly fun live, and I know this will become one of my most-played of 2023. 

‘Pay Attention’

Growing up, I listened to two genres mainly. 70s R&B and disco with my mom or 50s with my dad. There were definitely other genres mixed in but those were the two main ones. I bring this up because ‘Pay Attention’ gives me so much nostalgia. It sounds like something straight out of one of the Chaka Khan records that would play in my mom’s car. It’s so groovy, and the lyrics are so uplifting; I adore this song, and I’m willing to bet I could get my very picky mom to love it as well.

‘Long Time Coming’

I do enjoy this song, but there’s something about it I think I’d only reach for it during workouts or when I need to get hyped up. It has a certain type of energizing quality that I can’t quite place, but the kind that I don’t want to taint by casual listening. The beat makes me want to get up, go to the gym, and do some sort of workout. A feeling that I very rarely feel. The song is excellent; it makes me want to be the best version of myself and work as hard as needed to achieve that goal. I have to say the bridge is my favorite part, with the way he sings, “this one’s for the dreamers / ya the beat down believers,” which had me gasp in the best way possible.

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Overall, when it comes to Jagwar Twin’s music, I’m kicking myself for not listening to it sooner, and I can’t wait to dive deeper into his discography. At this point, I’d consider myself the babiest of baby fans, but still a fan nonetheless. I can’t wait to see what other releases come from him, and if I can even make it work, I will be attending one of his shows as soon as possible. Now don’t be like me and wait; check out Jagwar Twin, especially his newest EP, The Circle: The Great Jagwar Myth, or the full-length album 33. Send us a tweet or comment on our Instagram to let us know, have you listened to Jagwar Twin before, and if not, what are your first impressions of his music?


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