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Jagwar Twin Is A ‘Loser’ Just Like Us!

Jagwar Twin Is A ‘Loser’ Just Like Us!

We just can’t get enough of Jagwar Twin and all of the hidden messages he scatters throughout his music. So, we figured it would be fun to have a trip down memory lane to Jagwar Twin’s ‘Loser’ and find out what might be going on with this video. Follow along with us whilst enjoying how great the song is.

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The Breakdown

Let’s bullet point some pivotal moments in the music video and see what conclusion we can come to… If any at all. Don’t rely on this to be factual. We have no idea what we’re talking about and are just throwing ideas out there. Everyone just likes to sound smarter than they are, including us.

Burning Car

Fire can symbolize many things such as passion, desire, rebirth, eternity, destruction, and purification. The car being on fire right at the start only foreshadows the adventure everyone goes on during the video, as you see it being lit on fire towards the end. In this context, and given how much Jagwar Twin talks about finding your true self, we think it might lean more towards the rebirth symbolism.

Abandoned Building

We’re not sure if there’s any real meaning behind abandoned buildings. It heavily reminded us of all the movies that push the narrative of abandoned buildings being where young people hang out. To get away from reality? To not be disturbed and find some peace? To be your true self with no external judgment? Whatever the reason, there is an odd feeling of comfort within it.


A lot of the t-shirts are seen worn inside out in the music video of Jagwar Twin’s ‘Loser.’ This could symbolize the fact that we can all wear the same clothes, but we are all inevitably different. Blue jeans and a white t-shirt are probably one of the most basic outfits, however, each outfit has something slightly different about it. Patches, labels, the fit of the clothes all just prove we, as humans, are all perfectly unique. There’s a part of the video where clothes are hanging from trees, and we couldn’t help but notice the similarities to The Persistence Of Memory by Salvador Dali.

jagwar twin loser
The Persistence Of Memory by Salvador Dali
Smashing Bowls

It’s not the exact thing, but it could pay homage to the Greek tradition of smashing plates. The tradition has been used to signal the end and the beginning, to ward off evil spirits, and express abundance. Showing only just one small clip of someone dropping a bowl, be careful not to miss it. It might mean more than you think.


Horses symbolize a lot through folklore, mythology, and multiple cultures. Strength and determination were our initial thoughts. Also, the use of a black and a white horse could be a tribute to yin and yang? Whilst embodying strength and power at the same time? No light without dark, no strength without weakness.

Jumping Into Water

Bodies of water are used throughout meditations to help us clear our minds. Jumping straight into the water, fully clothed, to us, represents complete freedom. A leap of faith into whatever we desire, a reminder to jump into what might seem like chaos, but water keeps us afloat as it is known to have calming properties. Celebrate freedom, celebrate your dreams, celebrate taking risks!

Hand Holding & Dancing

Unity. Just one word to describe multiple moments, how we can all unite over the fact we are so different, to accept each other and love each other. There is strength in numbers. When we unite, we can really see that, no matter the situation, supporting each other and being “as one” is a beautiful, pure thing.

This song has always felt like a glimmer of hope for any outcast, anyone who got picked on. Reclaiming the names we were called, being comfortable in the fact that the only thing every human being has in common is that we are different. Jagwar Twin‘s music just feels like a warm hug.

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