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Put On Your ‘Happy Face’ And Check Out Jagwar Twins’ Music Video!

Put On Your ‘Happy Face’ And Check Out Jagwar Twins’ Music Video!

Where to start? ‘Happy Face’ is Jagwar Twins’ first single of his new era and what a way to kick things off. ‘Happy Face’ has been picking up a lot of attention. We figured what better way to celebrate that than going deep into the music video. The ‘Happy Face’ experience began with a website, where we had to sit smiling for 3 minutes to get access to the song. This video not only has amazing visuals but also a lot of symbolism, which is why we’re here. Jagwar Twin likes to send us on immersive journeys throughout all his music, which we love him for. ‘Happy Face’ kicked off this era perfectly and we cannot wait for more! We’ll try to keep it short and sweet, promise. We all know how much Jagwar Twin enjoys symbolism, so let’s get started.

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  • The intro to the music video being shown on a TV screen could be the fact that society and media are always watching us. To make sure we’re being “fed” the content that makes us “happy.”
  • Butterflies and money both feature throughout the video. Now whilst butterflies are beautiful they can also symbolize immortality and self-discovery. Money on the other hand can have a toxic negative and controlling hold on us but can also help with great success.
  • Moving on to the news clips, the weather reports, and riots. This could be Jagwar Twin hinting at propaganda and how the media mostly shows us certain things to manipulate our thoughts and sometimes scare us into thinking certain ways.
  • A circus could point towards the idea that we, as humans, are constantly “putting on a show” to make others around us perceive us in a certain way. Perhaps it means we’re all just putting on an act for the entertainment of others. This brings us to the clowns and masks that are shown. Does this explain that people mask their feelings and don’t always show their true emotions? Known for disguising themselves, clowns paint their smiles on.
Image Source: Ryan Fleming & CTHDRL_ from the ‘Happy Face’ music video


  • Children watching TV could be a visual metaphor for how early on in life we get manipulated and brainwashed by the media. Kids TV shows have a past of showing us subliminal messages about historical events and sometimes even predicting events.
  • Flowers and cocoons both symbolize growth. Flowers are more so about blooming into our true selves, potentially opening up emotionally, and letting true happiness in. Cocoons could touch on rebirth and how we need time alone to take care of ourselves to understand ourselves and find true happiness.
  • Rainbows are symbolic of divine anger and patience. God said, “this is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and life on earth.” Which we could use for ourselves and our establishment between ourselves and happiness.
  • The word “consume” pops up a lot, which is probably significant, we are constantly consuming things, directly and indirectly. TV, photography, products, and so on. It keeps the media and corporations happy.

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If you haven’t already, check out the music video for yourself and let us know what you find by telling us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Finally, if you need more reasons to love Jagwar Twin as much as we do, we have you covered!


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Featured Image Source: CTHDRL_.

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