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The Party Doesn’t Stop There With Jagwar Twin

The Party Doesn’t Stop There With Jagwar Twin

Jagwar Twin released his music video for ‘I Like To Party’ on the 6th August 2021. We were very excited when the video got announced, and the second it dropped, we instantly put our brains to the test. The video takes us on a trippy journey with multiple stories and messages. The party doesn’t stop there with Jagwar Twin, as we even took a deep dive into the website that kicked off this whole project.

Emotions And Messaging

Roy’s emotions throughout the music video go through many different stages, he starts off happy to eat the cake. He’s gradually forced, by hand, to eat more, and we see him contemplate how fast he’s being fed, which leads to him to being praised for eating so much, so fast. But is it genuine appreciation or is it to keep control over what he’s being fed? Therefore, it begs the question, what is the metaphor for the cake? Is the cake symbolic of the media in all it’s forms?

Image source: screenshot from the video directed by Kyle Vorbach

We see Jagwar Twin break free from the forcefulness and get sucked right back in and getting tied up, which is a whole lot worse. This could be used to describe the hold that social media and society has on us in general, we are force fed standards from such a young age. Breaking free is very freeing momentarily. But inevitably, we end up trapped on social media websites and sucked into trends and fleeting moments which themselves aren’t permanent, but we end up in a permanent loop. When he’s tied up, we hear the lyric “you’re the kingdom,” so maybe it symbolizes how we feel the most restraint as we first realize our strengths. Check out our full breakdown of the lyrics here.


The visuals being quite simple, with the lack of props, angles and CGI, really make you focus on the storytelling and the thoughts that come with that. Jagwar Twin has used the color red in all of his recent releases, which could mean many things. Life, health, war, courage, anger and love all are prominent symbols of the color red.

A still image of a peacock is shown at the end. Before we get into what that could potentially mean, let’s talk about subliminal messaging. They have massive impacts on people’s thoughts and behaviors. They can also impact moods and motivation, which are known to influence people’s decision making. What does this mean in terms of the Jagwar Twin video? We have no idea!

Now, peacocks. Peacocks have multiple meanings in multiple cultures, mainly focusing on confidence, esteem, knowledge and pride. Going further back in history though, they can symbolize nobility, guidance, watchfulness and protection. This could loosely link into the journey Roy goes through in the music video, as we see him trying to escape the people in masks. We see him needing that protection and guidance to help him finally properly break free. Maybe the peacock was watching over him the whole time, helping Jagwar Twin break free in the first place?

What do you think? You’ve heard out inner ramblings of all things ‘I Like To Party.’ Now it’s your turn! We love a good theory, and we wanna hear yours, over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Skyler Bocciolatt

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