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Exclusive Interview: SRY Done Apologizing With Volatile Single

Exclusive Interview: SRY Done Apologizing With Volatile Single

Hi, I’m SRY. It’s more than a catchphrase but rather an introduction to an artist that is worth buzzing about. Yep, this fiery, multi-genre talent, stage name is actually SRY, that started off as a joke after constantly apologizing (we related so hard, dude). But the music Lee Fenstamaker (who you now know as SRY) makes, is hardcore and his rueful tone has changed especially with his ghastly yet satisfyingly rich single ‘Coffin.’

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With two previous EPs featuring artists such as Crown The Empire, Lil Lotus, and Good Charlotte, ‘Coffin’ is also a catalyst for SRY’s career, that redefines genres by mixing pop and urban trap. Breaking into the scene since 2018, he has streamed over six million across his platforms and has worked with Internet Money and MDDN, and played SXSW TAKEOVER with Rae Sremmurd.

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In our exclusive interview with SRY, we learned how he launched his music career and got his stage name, delve deeper into his dark soundscape and his latest single ‘Coffin.’ He also shares with us, fun stories from the set of the music video and the prospects for the future! Keep reading all the deets below and stay tuned to the end, for a special playlist curated by SRY himself!

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How did you get into music? 
I watched the movie School of Rock in the theaters in 2001, and I swear my life was forever changed. I started asking my parents every second if I could get a guitar and learn how to play. They were so supportive and surprised me with it a few days later.

What is the story behind your stage name SRY?
So it honestly started as a joke, I apologize for EVERYTHING like someone could bump into me and I’ll say sorry for it. One of the times I did that, my friends were like jeez you might as well just call yourself SRY since you say it so much, the rest was history. haha

Your music has rock, metal, and urban trap influence and also with “dark soundscapes.” What do you find inspiring behind these genres? Overall, how would you describe your music to those who are getting into it for the first time? 
I’ve always been super drawn to anything dark, and spooky, and I think it translates a lot in my music. I try super hard to pull a little bit of influence from all the different genres I grew up listening to, which creates kind of a chaotic sound that is SRY. If you’re getting into my music for the first time, prepare for a roller coaster of vibes. 

What bands or musicians are particularly influential to your own music? What instances have we heard them in your music in the past? 
One of my favorite artists in the world is Nothing, Nowhere. In my earlier work, you can hear a lot of influence from his album Reaper. Another one that inspired me to start really bending genres and getting super experimental with it, was Chase Atlantic! 

Sry’s ‘Coffin’ Single artwork
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What inspired you to write ‘Coffin?’
‘Coffin’ was written when your boy was feeling PETTY, so it’s a lil spicy and angry sounding. haha. It’s kind of just a giant f**k you to the haters. 

Since your music dabbles and mixes genres, what was your overall goal for the sound of ‘Coffin?’
The goal for ‘Coffin’ was to create a super aggressive sound with heavy rock/metal influences. I worked with one of my favorite producers in the game, Austin Hull. He did such an amazing job helping me craft it. 

What lyric from ‘Coffin’ do you think best describes the song overall? And what lyric or musical moment from it reveals the direction that you want to take your music in the future? 
Living like a legend till they put me in a coffin.” I feel like I’ve been able to prove myself this past year in music, and I plan on just going harder and harder every single day.

Moving to the music video now, it seems intense but what stories do you have from being on set that was particularly fun for you while filming it? 
So, the day we started filming it was legit two degrees outside in Philadelphia. The ENTIRE music video was shot outdoors and without thinking, I have a holster on my jeans and it literally gave me frostbite on my thigh. lol. 

How did you want the music video to complement the song artistically? 
I just wanted it to feel like you were seeing someone in a destructive state. Bob did an amazing job of capturing the mood of the song. 

Lastly, if you could create a playlist of the songs that influenced ‘Coffin’ or helped you in your creative process while writing it, what would your top five be?
1. Jasiah, ‘Crisis’
2. Chase Atlantic, ‘Devilish’
3. Nothing Nowhere, ‘Destruction’
6. Ghostmane, ‘1000 Rounds’

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What can we say, we love a good spook or two! Remember to stream/purchase ‘Coffin’ over here!

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