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Jagwar Twin’s Acoustic Version Of ‘The Circle’ Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Jagwar Twin’s Acoustic Version Of ‘The Circle’ Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Here at THP, you know we’re massive Jagwar Twin fans. So obviously, we have to talk about Roy’s new live acoustic version of the single ‘The Circle.’ The video is just as mesmerizing as the acoustic track, and we’re in absolute awe of Jaguar Twin.

‘The Circle’ comes from Jagwar Twin‘s 2022 album 33. The album version of the track is haunting and beautiful, but there’s something about the acoustic version that has really touched us. Both sound like they belong in a major motion picture soundtrack; they are vast and breathtaking in their production with an underlying power. The acoustic video really channels the song’s energy, performed in what looks like the desert, it really hits home with the themes of the song.

There is something so intimate about an acoustic performance being performed in such a vast space and in open nature. It’s tricky as a songwriter to be able to make such powerful music that also feels intimate and personal, and that is exactly what Roy has achieved with this track.

The melody is so beautiful and ties us back to the simplicity and strength of the human experience that is entwined with this song and the album as a whole. Speaking about the writing experience Roy shared this:

I’ve been thinking a lot about why we tell stories, why every civilization had myths and tales that were told and how those stories came to represent cultures, how these stories have shifted in an ever more digitally-connected world and yet an ever decreasingly human-connected world. We are the stories we tell ourselves and share with the world. These stories ultimately shape how we live and can add more meaning and purpose in being shared. I wanted to pass along some stories that are true to who I am and in a lot of ways who I think we all are. May we all find strength, spirit and most importantly ourselves in each other. Reclaim your crown!

Roy English on 33

We don’t know bout you, but we think Roy has nailed it and conveyed everything he wanted to with this album. The art is raw and human, and we really feel connected to the Jagwar Twin journey. If you’re loving Jagwar Twin and want to find, even more, you can watch our full interview with Roy here! We absolutely loved chatting with him, and it was such a fun interview. You can learn even more about ‘The Circle,’ the album production, and all about the Hall of Mirrors project.

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We’ve had ‘The Circle’ video on repeat since it came out, what about you? Let us know in the comments below, or drop us a tweet @TheHoneyPop. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook! Come join our circle!

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