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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Zolita Is Ready To Ruin Your Life With Her Music!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Zolita Is Ready To Ruin Your Life With Her Music!

Hey to our favorite people out there! Yes, we mean you right there reading this because we have a real treat for you today! We have fallen obsessed with a new artist called Zolita, giving us the queer pop anthems we have always been waiting and craving for! We love when queer artists make music for queer people, especially when it is this authentic and catchy.

Zolita flew onto our radar with the absolutely catchy ’20 Questions,’ and we have had her on top of our replay playlist ever since then. The singer just announced her upcoming EP Falling Out / Falling In, dropped the new banger ‘Ruin My Life,’ and announced her first headlining tour, and best of all we had the chance to talk to her all about it!

Before we get into it, make sure to stream ‘Ruin My Life’ here and pre-save Falling Out / Falling In here!

Hey Zolita, it is a pleasure to be able to talk to you! We are so excited for your upcoming single ‘Ruin My Life,’ how does it feel for this song to be able to see the light soon? 
I am so excited for everyone to hear this song! It is definitely a lot of people in my life’s resounding favorite. It’s such a feel-good song. 

You want to tell queer stories through your art and music, and we find that super important as well. If you could reimagine any classic story as a queer one which one would it be? 
This is such a fun question. Maybe Romeo and Juliet?

Continuing with the previous question, which one of your songs would you like to be on the soundtrack of that story? 
My upcoming song ‘Ashley.’

‘Ruin My Life’ is already one of our favorite songs, and we love that the story from ‘20 Questions’ is continued in this song. Besides being in love, what is something you have found yourself so caught up in that you forgot everything around you? 
Music video shoots! When I’m on set creating, I completely forget the outside world exists at all.

We have heard that your new EP is coming soon, and it will deal with falling in/out of love and moving on, which is always a strong and important topic to tackle. If you had to associate a color with your EP, which one would it be? 
Omg. Maybe scarlet?

What was the process of making this EP like for you? Did it help you process previous emotions? Was there a song that was hard to record for you? 
It absolutely did! Of the “falling out” songs – ‘For the Both of Us’ is probably the most personal and was bittersweet to record. It feels the most true to how I feel about my last breakup, and it felt like a goodbye or a closing of that book.

‘20 Questions’ is an absolute bop, and we love the music video for it. Especially the Britney Spears school outfit moment! We think you slayed it! How fun was it to film the video? What was your favorite set and outfit for the shoot? 
My favorite set was probably the restaurant set! Getting to absolutely wreck the restaurant and smash a bunch of glasses was so fun because obviously, that’s not ever something I would do in real life haha. And my favorite outfit was definitely the Britney school outfit moment! I can never resist a plaid skirt and tie.

Speaking of fashion, we are obsessed with your pink hair in ‘20 Questions,’ any hair colors you’d love to try next? 
Honestly, after my pink era I would love to go back to my natural blonde hair! I miss when It was healthy and luscious and long!

You reference so many iconic music videos and films in the ‘20 Questions’ music video, how did you narrow down the ones that were used? Were there other ideas that didn’t make the cut? 
There definitely was! I wanted to do a nurse / hospital Kill Bill moment, but we couldn’t fit it in.

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We can see you dancing ballet in the Black Swan section of the music video, so we are curious, do you actually practice ballet? Is there a dance style you’d love to learn? 
I don’t! My sister is an incredible ballerina and she literally taught me those moves 20 minutes before the shot. So, I guess I’m good at faking it. Haha!

We are pretty sure that we aren’t the only ones dying to see more of Zolita and see you perform live, especially with ‘Ruin My Life’ coming and the new EP! Any spoilers for what’s to come? 
I’m going on my first headlining tour in February! I am so, so excited to finally see everyone.

Well, we are definitely ready to spend our savings on those concert tickets for The Falling Out / Falling In Tour starting in February! What do you think about ‘Ruin My Life?’ What’s your favorite Zolita song? How excited are you about the tour and new EP? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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