Jagwar Twin Announces ‘Happy Face’ Live Acoustic

Jagwar Twin Announces ‘Happy Face’ Live Acoustic

Jagwar Twin just announced that he will be dropping ‘Happy Face (Live Acoustic)’ this Friday, November 12th. However, if you’re as impatient as us, he’s hosting a watching party early on Wednesday, November 10th, in his discord! So make sure you’re there, attending at least one of the releases.

Joined by guitarist Luke Villegas, Jagwar Twin will perform the acoustic version of ‘Happy Face’ on a rooftop in his hometown in LA. Taking us on a more laid-back, delicate version of his biggest song to date.

Image Source: CTHDRL

‘Happy Face’ is Jagwar Twins’ first single from his new and upcoming era. It continues to grow in streams worldwide, surpassing 12M streams on Spotify and averages 1.6M streams monthly and growing. Its even sitting comfortably at the number one spot on the editorial playlist, The New Alt. The hit single isn’t only a hit in the US but across the world too. Japanese and Korean fans have created lyric videos on YouTube, all of which are in the top 3 translation videos for this song, pulling in more than 12M views. ‘Happy Face’ has managed to stay in the Top 100 Apple Music Chart in Japan for 38 weeks. TikTok even jumped on board over the Halloween period with a massive trend that pulled in thousands of views. 

Whilst Jagwar Twin has created multiple versions of a handful of his songs, ‘Happy Face’ is one we are always excited to hear more from. The message in the song resonated with people all over the world. The world is in shambles while we are told to put on a happy face and smile through it all. Media and technology have a grip on the world, and we’re all wondering how to remain authentically happy through it.

Jagwar Twin has created immersive experiences for all his songs in the new era. ‘Happy Face’ being the first single, meant that it was the first immersive experience; having to smile at a camera for 3 minutes to unlock the song made our faces quite sore.  

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Featured Image Source: CTHDRL

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