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We Saw Adam Melchor And Field Medic On Tour – Here’s What You Missed!

We Saw Adam Melchor And Field Medic On Tour – Here’s What You Missed!

There’s something about concerts that holds a blanket over you. Whether that is a blanket of excitement, of anticipation, or one that embodies home, it can vary depending on how the music has led you to that specific stage. For us, Monday’s sold-out concert held a blanket of hospitality as we heard songs for Field Medic’s and Adam Melchor’s latest stop in Cambridge. We got to listen to songs that kept us up during the pandemic and new ones as they sang unreleased demos. Not to mention the pure excitement we all, as a crowd, had for Adam’s first headlining tour.

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Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

First off, we got to hear the closest thing to sassier and relatable versions of lullabies from Field Medic. Kevin Sullivan, known as Field Medic, held the crowd as his jokes lit up the crowd in between songs. From the audience asking questions like, “What’s your zodiac sign?” to “What’s your favorite soda flavor?”, Kevin always knew how to be himself and laugh alongside us. We got to hear songs like ‘uuu,’ ‘do a little dope,’ and ‘song i made to stop myself from having a panic attack just now’ (which you have probably encountered on TikTok). If you like songs from Florist, Alex G, and Flatsound, you will absolutely adore Field Medic.

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

Adam Melchor matched the same energy as Field Medic and gave the crowd what we needed on a no-bones day. Both intimate and inviting, Adam played songs like ‘Last Time,’ ‘I CHOOSE YOU,’ ‘JEWEL,’ and ‘Love Flew Away.’ In-between songs Adam’s pure excitement held as he told crowds behind the scenes of how each song was inspired/made. Name-dropping, Charlie Puth, and Laufey, you could see the smiles from the crowd miles away. Being proud was an understatement for the long-term fans we got to talk with while waiting for the set to begin. 

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

For the majority of the hour and 45-minute concert, Adam and his crew held our attention as they effortlessly guided us through what they had planned for us. During the encore, we were happily surprised by their glittery outfit change. Earlier in the set, Adam jokingly said, “I wish I was a disco-ball so I can shine too” regarding Sinclair’s house disco-ball. Little did we know that he had a plan for this dream of his. Performing more of his upbeat songs like ‘Begin Again,’ we all jammed alongside Adam rounding off this perfect night. 

Adam had sung songs from his newly released full-length album called Melchor Lullaby Hotline Vol.1. After experiencing it live, we highly suggest you catch him on tour. If not, no worries! Our lovely team has a review of the new album that you would really like.

Have you listened to the Lullaby Hotline yet? Are you going to see Adam live on his new tour? What’s your favorite Adam collab? Let us know @thehoneypopFacebook, and Instagram!

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Featured Image and Gallery Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

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