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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ofenbach On New Song ‘Hurricane’ And Working With Ella Henderson

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ofenbach On New Song ‘Hurricane’ And Working With Ella Henderson

Ofenbach is a Parisian electronic DJ duo with 2.1 billion global streams, 1 Million downloads, and 15 Million monthly listeners on Spotify. That’s quite an impressive feat for any artist, and it is well-deserved on their part.

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They’ve recently teamed up with Ella Henderson, who is doing numbers all on her own! She’s a multi-platinum selling, 2x BRIT Award-nominee, landing a No. 1 debut album and over a billion streams! We’d be lying if we said that their collaboration didn’t make us scream excitedly into the abyss, but after hearing the song, we are blown away! It is better than we ever imagined!

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‘Hurricane’ is an energetic dance number with catchy beats and passionate lyrics. Ella’s ethereal vocals on the track create a hypnotic element that pulls you in and keeps you hooked throughout the entire song. It’s infectious in the best way possible, and it needs to be on all of your playlists immediately if it’s not already! You can add it here!

On working with Ella, the duo said:

We absolutely adore Ella’s voice and we are thrilled that we finally got to work with her after being a fan of her music for so long. Her vocals are perfect for ‘Hurricane’ and we can’t wait to perform this song all over the world together

Ofenbach on working with Ella Henderson

AHHH, it’s so good! In addition to such an unbelievable track, we are so thrilled that we got the chance to ask Ofenbach about the song, and what it was like working with Ella, and we’ve fallen more in love with them! So, let’s stop all the chit-chat and get into it!

Tell us a little about your latest track ‘Hurricane!’ Where did the inspiration for the track come from? How did you go about creating such a catchy and fun dance track?
For our latest track ‘Hurricane,’ the idea was to make a big dance-pop track with deep lyrics that everybody could sing along to. But to be honest… the song was made instinctively and that’s how we make the best tracks.

Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Music Group

Is your writing process usually consistent across all the songs you create or does it vary from song to song? What factors play a role in how you create?
It varies from song to song, but we compose most of the time in a classic way: we begin with the chords, then sing a vocal melody and we finish with the lyrics. Sometimes we begin with a sample and we build around it (like ‘Be Mine’ or ‘Katchi’). The mood is also very important: it is never good to rush art. When you are not in it, just wait for the next day.

Ella Henderson adds a really nice ethereal tone to ‘Hurricane,’ how did you go about getting her on the track? Did you have an idea of what you wanted the collaboration to sound like prior to hearing her on the track or did you hear her and it all just clicked together?
We wrote this track with a male voice at the beginning, but we quickly knew that this track was made for a “diva”: an impressive voice who will push it to another level. Ella was perfect for that, and she added the magic we needed at the first take!

Ella has made quite the name for herself over the last nine years. What was it like working with her and having her feature on one of your songs?
We had so much fun and shooting the video was a really nice experience, she is so talented and humble, we feel really lucky to have worked with her and we cannot wait to perform ‘Hurricane’ with her at shows!

Image Source: Ofenbach via Instagram

Speaking of making a name for yourselves, in just six years Ofenbach have completely dominated with 2.1 Billion Global Streams, 1 Million downloads, and 15 Million monthly listeners on Spotify! Those are some serious WELL-DESERVED numbers, how does it feel to have created such a loyal following? Is it a bit surreal for you to see that kind of success and to see how much your fans love what you do?
We are really grateful for all of this: to be able to travel the world, to share the music around the world is the best feeling ever. But we never take anything for granted and we will work hard to go even higher and make songs that people rely on

Your name comes from French composer Jacques Offenbach, what drew you to him that made you want to name yourselves after him? Any particular piece of his music that made you fall in love with him? What about it did you find so significant and inspiring?
The story about the name is funny: we were at Cesar’s flat and had a call from one of our friends (it was 6 years ago). Our friend asked us to play a DJ Set in a pub for him, it was our first time playing a set in front of people and we quickly decided to find a name. We saw a partition of Jacques Offenbach on Cesar’s Piano and thought it was a good name and to show that we are open-minded to any kind of music.

We know some of your rock influences include Supertramp, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin, but when you think of EDM, who are some artists that you feel have been your biggest inspirations in the genre? Have any of them influenced your sound at all? Which ones would you want to collaborate with in the future?
We have been inspired by French Touch with artists like Daft Punk, Cassius, Justice, David Guetta … And they influenced us a lot on the fact that they are mixing genres together as we do. It could be amazing to do a track with Guetta for example, yes.

Image Source: Ofenbach via Instagram

You two have been friends for a long time since you were 13 years old, how does it feel doing something you love with your best friend? Is it hard working together sometimes having known each other for so long?
It is really important to be surrounded by people you love and you trust, and doing it in this strange industry with your best friend is the best weapon against stress, fake friends, and megalomania. So it’s only positive!

More to that, when you started in music, you were in a group that performed rock music. How do you go from performing rock music to becoming EDM DJs? What made you make the switch?
It is quite simple: we wanted to do everything at home and didn’t have so much money, so it was easier for us to compose songs with digital drums/bass than it recording a full band. And then we fell in love with this genre and the infinity of possibilities that we have with it!

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What do you find is the most rewarding part of creating music?
To share it with people, when we go on stage it’s the best feeling in the world: it is only about sharing good vibes and memories with the audience!

Last but not least, what can we expect from Ofenbach in the future?
We will continue to make tracks and we have the ambition to travel everywhere to see all your faces and party with you!

What do you think of Ofenbach’s new song with Ella Henderson? What are your thoughts on our interview with them? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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