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5 Halloween Songs That We Love

5 Halloween Songs That We Love

With Halloween creeping up, we thought we’d compile a list of some of our favorite songs. Enough to give you the chills but hopefully not enough to make you jump behind the sofa. We have some eerie instrumentals, creepy lyrics, and dark visuals. The kind of songs that make you feel like you should be throwing a party with pumpkin pies, pumpkin spiced lattes, and pumpkin fairy lights everywhere. We love Halloween, maybe a little too much, and pumpkins.

Billie Eilish – ‘All The Good Girls Go To Hell’

Aside from the obvious mentions of hell and how dark that topic is, the music video for this song is quite simple but so creepy. The first time we saw it, we were definitely creeped out. Billie is seen forcefully growing wings and being launched down to earth, dragging her broken, oil-covered wings through a dark street. Whilst she is known for the creepy sound that lingers in almost all of her older tunes, this one is definitely top of the list. Fitting right in with the Halloween holiday. Here are some more of our favorite Billie Eilish songs.

Image Source: Music Video produced & directed by Drive Studios and Rich Lee

Zayn, R3HAB & Jungleboi – ‘Flames’

Now, this one has us confused and bewildered, is it a dance class? A cult? No one quite knows. We think it seems to follow the story of someone sticking out from the crowd and being different. The video tells a fantastic story whilst the industrial, clean feel of it makes it feel like a weird institute that everyone is trapped inside of. Want to see some more of Zayn? In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we’d show you our favorite costumes he’s worn for the holiday over the years.

Image Source: Music Video produced & directed by Daria Ivanshchuk and Frank Borin with Ivanna Borin

Jagwar Twin – ‘Happy Face’

Jagwar Twins ‘Happy Face’ from start to finish is just straight-up creepy. Diving into the manipulation of the media and what we get shown on the news is enough to scare anyone. The bright colors in the video are distracting us all from the main point of the lyrics. This song is nothing short of genius. He definitely knows how to make us question our whole existence whilst vibing nonstop to his music. If there’s one way to have a crisis and breakthrough at the same time, this is it. Not only is the song itself giving us the heebie-jeebies, but the website experience forces you to put on a ‘Happy Face’ to make it to the end. Take a look at the website here.

Image Source: Music Video by Ryan Fleming

ONEUS – ‘To Be Or Not To Be’

Of course, no playlist is complete without a bit of K-pop. Renowned for their storytelling and choreography, this song and video do not disappoint. Based on the story of Hamlet by Shakespeare, they are portrayed as demi-gods and it shows us the conflict between good and bad, light and dark. Demons drenched in blood one moment, to beautiful blooming flowers the next really put us on edge. Yes… we have had it on repeat, and we will bounce back and forth every day. Whilst we’re obsessing over K-pop, check out a whole bunch of the most underrated K-Pop artists that we think you should listen to. It’ll only further your love for this genre.

Image Source: Music Video by RBW Entertainment

5 Seconds Of Summer – ‘Valentine’

Last but not least, no Halloween playlist is complete without the cliché of skeletons. 5 Seconds Of Summer put on their onesies and got rocking in this video. With a deep bassline and dark background, it’s enough to make you feel deathly romantic in a Corpse Bride kind of way. The slowness also adds a hint of eeriness to the song. A certified banger to liven up any playlist. Not only are they one of our favorite bands, but this is one of our favorite songs to date, and will remain that way for the rest of our lives. ‘Til death do us part. Why don’t you take our quiz and find out what 5SOS album best suits you?

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Image Source: Music Video produced & directed by Andy Deluca and Ashton Irwin

Let us know what songs you keep in your Halloween playlists, or if you’ll be adding these to your future playlists by letting us know @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter or dropping us a message on Facebook.


Featured Image Source: Drive Studios, Rich Lee, Daria Ivanshchuk, Frank Borin, Ivanna Borin, Ryan Fleming, RBW Entertainment, Andy Deluca & Ashton Irwin.

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