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‘Shine’ With Jagwar Twin: We’re Better When We #ShineTogether

‘Shine’ With Jagwar Twin: We’re Better When We #ShineTogether

Jagwar Twin. The wonder himself is bringing us another music video full of love and meditative beats. If you follow Jagwar Twin on his socials you’ll find a love for documentaries, meditation, love, knowledge, and understanding. Anyone who’s ever interacted with him sees the light he exudes. Knowing that might be a little intimidating but you have some light to shine too.


We are positively vibrating with our excitement at this point. We’ve all heard ‘Shine’ and no doubt ascended to a higher plane of existence. Who knew we could reach nirvana though? This music video is as full of love as Roy himself and his fans come together to ‘Shine’ a little light on the darker parts of the world. Life is full of dark and light. Yin and yang. We need a balance, so when things are getting too dim to breathe and you feel like suffocating you make your light or bask in that of others.

"So let's change the world we can start today
Know that everything's guna be ok
Move oceans and earth cause we got the faith
Know that everything's guna be ok"


There is such a variety of people in the world with different loves, views, hobbies, and experiences. Yet here we are together making a music video for an uplifting song. We’re putting aside drama, hate, and letting the light in. Let’s spread some positivity and get #ShineTogether trending. Waves start as whispers before they become shouts. You can make waves, let’s #ShineTogether

Coming Together

You, yes you, are what make the whole music thing happen. You inspire and drive and cheer. Whether you think so or not you make a difference, if you loved this video or if you love Jagwar Twin then discord is the place to be. Recently a meditation channel has started up, you don’t have to be all about meditation to be a part but if you’re curious it is there. The discord is for all fans, so go connect and make life long friends. There are good people here. We promise.

Do you love the music video? Will we see you in the discord? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

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