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INTERVIEW: KOOLKID Tells All About His New Music, Writing For BTS, and His Love For TikTok!

INTERVIEW: KOOLKID Tells All About His New Music, Writing For BTS, and His Love For TikTok!

While we’re all in isolation, it can be hard to find fresh new things to keep us entertained, but music is always offering us amazing new talent. If you’re looking to switch it up when it comes to your lockdown playlist, we think we’ve got the koolest solution…

Glasgow musician KOOLKID is an accomplished songwriter who already has a lot of fans, including none other than KPOP phenomenon BTS and seems to have solidified a great working friendship with the group with future releases in the pipeline. Earlier this year saw the Scotsman release his debut ‘2 SOON’, a cleverly crafted introduction to the Scotsman’s sound and vocal ability which was followed by ‘Feelings’, cementing his status as one of the UK’s most exciting emerging pop artists.

We got the chance to have a chat with the up-and-coming singer-songwriter following the release of his new song ‘We’re So Blind’, the song that’s earned a spot on our heavy rotation.

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You were surrounded by live music since a very young age, how was the learning curve on music for you?

I got to be around a lot of genres growing up. I started my career busking in Glasgow and playing mostly acoustic music. Then I progressively moved on to more electro pop music. I feel that being surrounded by a great selection of music really helped mould the sound I have now and I’m so grateful to come from a city filled with great music and artists. 

You wrote for BTS, one of the biggest music groups in the world. Does the writing process differ when you are writing for someone else rather than for yourself? How was that experience?

It’s VERY different to writing for myself. I think when I’m writing for another artist, I really need to jump into their shoes and feel what they feel. Taking their emotions into consideration is super important and bring the best out of them is key. I think that when you really let the artist steer the direction of the song and you just feed them with ideas that could benefit their vision, that’s when you come out with something special. Writing for BTS has literally changed my life.

To go from writing songs in my bedroom to writing for the biggest band on the planet is such a great achievement for myself. BTS and the songs we have written will always have a huge place in my heart. I hope to continue our great relationship and bring more beautiful music out into the world together. 

Glasgow clearly has a big chunk of your heart, any good spot in the city you would recommend for your fans to hear some live music?

So there is a venue in Glasgow called King Tuts and it is literally the coolest place ever. Bands like Oasis were discovered there and its one of those legendary venues that you MUST check out. Always got the best new acts playing awesome music. I really recommend you visit when you are in Glasgow. 

On your track ‘Feelings’ you talk about falling in love with someone who is already in a relationship. Can you give us some advice on how to let that situation go? Were you able to get over it?

I think it happens to us all at some point. I think being a songwriter helps me get over these situations because I get to spill my feelings out in my lyrics. I think the best thing you can do is just find a way to transfer that energy into something and make a positive from it. For me, it was writing Feelings and I think it worked out pretty well. 

You once said you write your best songs after midnight, does this mean you are a night person?

I am indeed! I just feel more awake when the sun goes down. I’m like a vampire!! I always get so creative at 2 or 3am and always try to sneak my guitar out and write something. I actually started to write the guitar riff for the BTS track Mikrokosmos at 3am in my bedroom which is pretty cool. It must work! 

In these difficult times the world is living, how do you keep yourself sane and healthy? Have you taken up any new hobbies?

I  like to read lots of self help books! Anything to keep my mind at its best is key for me. I’ve actually started baking over the lockdown and I swear I’m getting pretty good at it! Other than that I just keep writing music and trying to get as much material together as possible for when this is all over. 

Here comes a really weird question that has nothing to do with music: do you think we all have a purpose in life? Now that social media is the way everyone is communicating right now, do you find yourself connecting more with your fans?

I love this. Yes, I believe we do all have a purpose. I believe that everyone has their gift within them and it takes some digging to find it. I believe in reprogramming your subconscious and I do this with affirmations. Positive affirmations that can literally shape the live you want to have. Tell yourself you are happy. That you are strong and powerful. That you are creative and loved. You will start to notice changes.

The human mind is the most powerful tool on the planet and if you change the way you think, you will change the way you feel. You can literally change your life with what you think! Trust me on that. Also, I do find myself connecting with fans more and it has really opened my eyes to how special and amazing they are. I will always try to stay this connected in the future. 

You will be headlining your first Glasgow show, how are you preparing for that? Do you have any ritual pre-shows?

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We were supposed to start rehearsals for the show before the lockdown but obviously we haven’t had the chance to yet. I am super excited to get back on stage and perform my new music. This will literally be my first show as KOOLKID and I cannot wait to get back in front of a crowd and go MAD! I get pretty nervous before shows so I actually like to take some time away from everyone and breathe! I find it calms me and gets me nice and relaxed before heading out on stage! 

‘We’re so blind’ just came out, what do you hope to convey through that song?

I wrote ‘We’re So Blind’ at the end of last year when the Amazon fires where all over the news. I wanted to write something powerful that had a strong message of change and the world we are destroying. I think we got that spot on with this record and I hope everyone can take something from it. 

Do you have a favorite platform you like to use to connect with fans? Would you rather go live on Instagram, do a Twitter Q&A, or post a TikTok?

Hmmm, I’m falling into TikTok more and more you know. I’m starting to become addicted to it! I do love Instagram also because that’s where it all started. I feel like Twitter could be the best place for me to connect with fans at the moment so because of that, I’d have to say Twitter. Fans come first! 

Thanks KOOLKID! We’re loving the track and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2020 holds for you!

‘We’re So Blind’ by KOOLKID is out now

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