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Sweet, Sassy, And Super Fierce: A Look Inside The Mind OF Mahogany Lox With This Exclusive Q&A

Sweet, Sassy, And Super Fierce: A Look Inside The Mind OF Mahogany Lox With This Exclusive Q&A

Mahogany Lox got her start in music at a young age, and today she has found her sound by combining pop and hip-hop to create a one-of-a-kind sound. She released her track ‘Take Your Man’ on TikTok, and that led to over 1.7 million sounds made. On top of that, it garnered an impressive amount of streams on Spotify, reaching over 14 million.

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Her latest single, ‘Sike‘ has just dropped, and when we tell you just how iconic it is, we mean it! It’s all about confidence, which is a powerful message, and we are also living for its sick beats! Check out the new single below!

Now that you’re all caught up, we got the chance to interview Mahogany Lox, and you know we jumped at the opportunity! We adore her and her music, and we were so stoked to get a glimpse into her mind! So, without further ado LOXSmiths, your queen awaits!

What gave you the inspiration for your new single ‘Sike,’ and did you find the song easy to write?

My inspiration for writing “Sike” was for the person who’s singing it can sing it to themselves and feel confident!

“Sike” is a Confidence Anthem!!

Your sound is a mix of pop and hip-hop, which we love. Which artists influenced you the most to take your sound in that direction?

I’m influenced by so many artists like Y.G., LMFAO, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera to name a few. I feel my sound is a combination of all of these artists and more!

Did you expect ‘Take Your Man’ to receive the level of TikTok fame that it did, and do you have a favorite video you’ve seen with the song?

I didn’t expect “Take Your Man” to go as viral as it did! It’s been so much fun watching all the videos! One of my favorite videos is actually one my boyfriend @CarlosEsparza made!

You clearly are very active on TikTok, do you have a favorite trend or dance right now?

My favorite trend right now is Hmm… I’m really loving all the cool transition videos! They take skill!

You started with music from a very young age, how has the process of developing and creating your own sound evolved for you?

It’s been a fun process! I’ve definitely grown in confidence working with my brother Sky, He’s helped me so much to find my sound. In my music I actually have two sides… sweet and sassy. “Boom” (my first song) and “Kiss Me Slow” (my forth song) was my sweet side and “Take Your Man” and “Sike” is my sassy side.

‘Sike,’ your new single, gives a clear message about self-confidence. How do you personally handle that? Have you struggled with it before?

I’m sure we all have suffered from not feeling confident at one point in life. A lot of the time self-confidence is something you have to learn over time. But I feel a short cut is to truly love yourself. If you know you are a good person, just pick out one or more of your wonderful qualities and love yourself for them.

In your new single, you show that it’s okay to cry and feel emotions, do you have a special and safe place where you can go and do that?

I feel it’s okay to cry & feel emotions because we are human. And sometimes negative comments can bring you down. If someone is throwing negativity your way to hurt you, don’t let it and don’t give your power away to them. This is where loving yourself comes in. Loving yourself is your safe place!

2020 started pretty weird for most people, what can we expect from you and your music this year?

This year I plan on writing more songs, releasing a bunch more music and doing a lot of DJing! I can’t wait!

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Have you found yourself interacting with your fans more during the quarantine and social distancing?

I talk to my LOXSmiths everyday but because of the quarantine lockdown, I I do find myself going live a lot more and I love it !

What 3 things are a necessity to you during quarantine?

My top 3 things during a quarantine would be #1 Self-care, #2 Working out & #3 finding TP! Just kidding, #3 Netflix!

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We love how sassy and fierce she is, and we loved getting a peek inside her mind! What do you guys think of Mahogany Lox and her new single? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop! You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram!

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