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GOING SEVENTEEN Episodes You Should Check Out

GOING SEVENTEEN Episodes You Should Check Out

If you happen to find yourself in a SEVENTEEN drought as you wait for more SVT content, or just want something entertaining to watch, GOING SEVENTEEN, is the way to go.

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GOING SEVENTEEN has changed drastically since its initial release, as the first videos were usually behind-the-scenes content, but now it has emerged as a weekly ‘variety’ show with different segments for each episode. Because of the past two years of GOSE, the show and group have also found themselves with new, and emerging fans. These fans are known as Cubics, so see, you don’t even have to know anything about SEVENTEEN to enjoy the show! Plus, you can find it for free on YouTube!

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We are major fans of both SEVENTEEN and GOING SEVENTEEN (if you couldn’t tell), so we wanted to put together some of our fave GOING SEVENTEEN episodes/ones we think would be the best ones to start off with, especially for new fans. So pay close attention and get ready to slip into the diamond life.

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‘EGO pt. 1&2’

One of the newer ones on our list, ‘Ego’ was this season’s Halloween episodes, and it was as entertaining as last year’s. This episode has the guys, paired in twos, trying to escape the hospital and the evil and spooky, Dr. Kim. There are a lot of clues SVT has to follow in order to get out, and as each group fails more is known about the history of the place. It’s a great watch any time of the year. You can watch part one below, and part two, here.


‘Insomnia’ is a roast fest and basically, the group exposes each member, as they have to try to make the member’s heart rate spike, as the member being spoken about, tries to sleep. Whoever loses has to stay and continue to play. Honestly, it’s super entertaining and hilarious, we couldn’t stop laughing. There are multiple versions of these episodes, with the newer ones being released in these past two weeks. The new ones also have SVT going against the production crew.

‘The Carnival’

‘The Carnival’ was a last-minute video put together by the whole crew in the placement of a scrapped GOING SEVENTEEN (that will never see the light of day). This one had us in our feels as SEVENTEEN talked about each member in such a loving way. It also made us realize further that with SEVENTEEN’s chemistry, they can make anything entertaining. Plus at the end, while watching a firework show, ‘Our dawn is hotter than day’ plays as the group sings along, and well we gotta admit we shed a few tears.

‘The Tag’

Oh man, ‘The Tag’ is what really put GOSE on the map for every nonfan, as these Halloween episodes had SVT trying to escape a building with “killers” right on their heels. Multiple clips from it were trending on both Twitter and TikTok, specifically a compilation of The8, turning the tables and scaring the scarers. You can watch ‘The Tag #2,’ here. Also if you are terrified of clowns, good luck.


If you ask any Carat they can tell you that any ‘TTT’ episode is worth the watch. These episodes are the only ones where there are no games, no rules, no themes, it’s just SEVENTEEN enjoying their time off together. A lot of hilarious and sweet moments have emerged from ‘TTT,’ and it’s just very relaxing seeing them relax. Below you can watch ‘TTT: Hyperrealism ver #1’ which is from GOSE 2020.

Some honorable mentions:

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Honestly by the end of it, you won’t know whether to thank SEVENTEEN themselves or the GOSE editors for their hilarious edits. What’s your favorite GOING SEVENTEEN episode? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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