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‘Another Man’s Jeans’ = Another Ashe Masterpiece!

‘Another Man’s Jeans’ = Another Ashe Masterpiece!

Screaming, crying, drinking rosé colored champagne, and failing at the TikTok transition. Yep, that sums up THP HQ since Ashe dropped ‘Another Man’s Jeans,’ how about you? Oh, you’re also unstable? Great, we’re glad you’re here.

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If you’ve been in our hive for a hot minute, you know that we would do basically anything for Ashe, so you best believe we went FERAL when, after what has felt like months of online teasing and excitement, ‘AMJ’ was finally ours! And is it just us, or does this feel different? The promo, the build-up, the production, the video, the fits, the…. everything. We’re all standing in awe of what Ashe has created, and its potential! Ashe recently said on a live that she hopes ‘AMJ’ can even go beyond ‘Moral of the Story,’ and legit, we’re never letting our baby ‘MOTS’ go, but we are so here for ‘AMJ’ domination. 

‘Another Man’s Jeans’ – Another Ashe Masterpiece

Okay, let’s talk about the actual song. Because we’ve felt bad*ass since the second we heard it. We’ve got guitars, we’ve got horns (oh how we love a horn!), we’ve got claps, and we’ve got crooning vocals for days! ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ sees Ashe throwing caution to the wind as she dips a toe in the idea of “a little bit of fun” with an ex. But it is absolutely not your vanilla rekindled romance song. Can you imagine? It’s unapologetically sexually free, and we are living for that energy from Ashe. With what is potentially the bridge of the year, ‘AMJ’ is living in our heads rent-free, both melodically and lyrically – exactly where it belongs! Ashe is a full-blown “bop-star” (as bestie Sam Fischer recently stated) and the level of talent Ashe has poured into ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ makes us want to explode, smush her little face, and cry with pride.

Stream ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ right here for your daily (or 30 times daily) dose of serotonin!

The Music Video! Oh, The Music Video!!!!

“Let’s go to Mexico!”…. “Let’s go back to Mexico!” We’re living for the chaos and effort that went into creating this masterpiece. The first taping of the video, which was shot in Mexico, got ruined and had to be re-shot entirely! Spot the red footage in the final cut – that’s the ruined tape! We love that a few clips were still included. It just adds to the sultry, fun vibes throughout this art! It’s our fave Ashe MV ever. There, we said it! Plus, we got the dance routine which is officially an Ashe MV staple! Queue the TikTok transitions! In fact, Ashe has even challenged everyone to do the transition, with #AMJGiveaway, for a giveaway of hand-painted jean jackets for the winners! (Yes, we’ve recorded one. No, we don’t want to talk about it!). 

Can we talk about these fits for a second? Ashe looks so beautiful from the first frame to the last. Ashe recently shared on an Instagram live that this video saw her in more skin-revealing clothes than previously and about what this meant to her in her journey. While explaining that she has always felt comfortable with her body, Ashe said that she felt nervous on the first day of shooting in these outfits (no turtlenecks in sight!) and felt empowered and sexy. Hell yeah! Ashe reminded us all to embrace our beautiful bodies of all shapes and sizes – What a message to reiterate alongside this confidence-inducing song! Ashe looked incredible throughout, and we have simped over the MV fashion choices ever since!

Our favorite part of the ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ music video has to be the cheeky nods to other Ashe’s throughout the storyline. With Ashe clocking another version of herself sipping cocktails by the pool and sprawled across the stairs in a wedding dress, she certainly got our brains whirling with the meaning behind these moments! Past Ashe? Future Ashe? We guess we’ll have to wait to find out. But, one thing we do know is that at least one Ashe was a nod to the past! Did you spot the ‘Me Without You’ easter egg? (Our lips are sealed!)

Our Fave ‘AMJ’ Reactions

Ahh, we’ve loved sitting on socials and watching the reactions pour in, with love to the incredible Ashe! What were some of your fave ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ reactions? Here are some of ours, because we love going absolutely feral with you all online!

So that’s what ‘AMJ’ means to us, but what does it mean to Ashe?

‘Another Man’s Jeans’ is about unashamed and uninhibited confidence, loosening up and having a good time. It sounds like what carefree feels like. It’s sexy! And loud! And fun! It’s a reminder to not take life too seriously.


Same bestie.

We cannot wait to scream ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ at The Fault Line tour! Will we see you there? We would link to tour tickets here, but naturally, Ashe sold the entire tour out a year in advance, so we can’t! Queen sh*t.

What was your fave moment in the ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ music video? Wanna brag about how many times you’ve streamed it? We’re so game! Tweet us at @thehoneypop or strut on over to our Facebook and Instagram.

Want even more Ashe content? Well, we’re unwell when it comes to Ashe, so you know we’ve got you covered!


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