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5 Reasons Why… You Should Stan Troye Sivan

5 Reasons Why… You Should Stan Troye Sivan

We at The Honey POP could list endless reasons why you should stan Troye Sivan. During the fourteen years since the release of his debut EP, Dare to Dream, Troye Sivan has amassed a global following of loyal fans. This enigmatic pop star is unafraid to explore his creativity and make new connections. His worldwide hits, epic collabs with artists like Ariana Grande and Charli XCX, and spearheading of social campaigns, have made him an icon. Maybe we’ll get to them all one day, but for now, let’s cover the top five reasons you should stan Troye Sivan!

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1. He’s A Multi-Talented King

Troye began singing in his family’s synagogue as a wee lad, quickly gained recognition in his community, and started his walk to fame with his own Youtube channel in 2007. In addition to his exquisite singing voice, Troye also writes his own music, and is a fabulous actor as well. His most recent film, Three Months, is an emotional comedy following the journey of a young man who is exposed to HIV. We at THP love an ace, and his willingness to explore new avenues of life is one of the main reasons we stan Troye Sivan.

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2. He’s A Comedian

While Troye got his Youtube start by singing, he also used to make vlog-style videos as well, that are guaranteed to make you laugh your hats off. You could say he’s our ‘Happy Little Pill.’ His social media presence is no exception; on the rare occasions he pops onto Twitter, he usually drops a chuckle-inducing tweet and then vanishes. Troye’s quirky humor keeps things light in contrast to the heavier themes of his music.

3. He Is Vocal About His Beliefs

A brave and honest soul, Troye came out as gay to his family at age fifteen, and then to the public at eighteen. We love the way Troye is unapologetically himself and sets an important example for today’s youth. His music videos often highlight the struggles the LGBTQIA+ community faces today, offering hope and encouragement. He doesn’t stop at music, though. He has been part of many campaigns to support his community. Some of these included a meaningful visit to the Ali Forney Center, which supports LGBTQIA+ youth, as well as a nationwide anti-bullying campaign in Australia. You could go so far as to say he’s our angel, baby. Are you a Troye Sivan stan yet?

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4. His Songwriting

We at The Honey POP can’t live without the magical cohesion of vocals, lyrics, and instruments that is Troye Sivan’s music. Some of his biggest hits have been penned by his own (lovely) hands, including our faves ‘Bloom,’ ‘There for You’ feat. Martin Garrix, and ‘Easy.’ These songs are so much more than good tunes – they’re tunes that have changed lives, promoted acceptance, and given others the confidence to be themselves.

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5. His Vocals

As we stated earlier, Troye Sivan has a vast number of qualities that keep us a dedicated stan. At the end of the day though, the Sivan empire comes back to the beautiful voice that drew us in at the start. Listening to Troye sing gives the feeling of a summer night beach, sitting in a circle with friends while someone strums an acoustic guitar. His vocal color on songs like ‘Lucky Strike’ and his newest hit in collaboration with Gordi, Wait,’ feels like falling in love. Other tracks that best exemplify his voice are ‘My My My!’ and ‘could cry just thinkin about you’.’

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We all know that stanning Troye Sivan is one piece in the puzzle to making the world a better place. He’s exactly the idol we need, that LGBTQIA+ youth need: someone who is true to himself, someone who faces reality with an honest yet positive attitude and entertains the aching hearts of a generation. We’re thankful that he continues to share his talent, and can’t wait for his next adventure, whether that be a movie, show, or a new album! Hop over to The Honey POP on Twitter or Instagram to tell us your top reasons to stan Troye Sivan!

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