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poutyface Sets The Stage On Fire In Houston

poutyface Sets The Stage On Fire In Houston

Twenty-year-old poutyface absolutely set the stage on fire in Houston on YUNGBLUD‘s Live On Mars tour. With only seven shows under her belt in her entire career, she has made THP fall in love with her and make her our number one artist to watch for 2022. Not only was she handpicked for YUNGBLUD’s tour, but she has also written over 150 songs, which only makes her stand out even more in our eyes.

After her performance in Houston, we got to sit and chat with her and her cool demeanor and well-thought-out answers made us fall even more in love with her. So without further ado, meet poutyface!

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Your music is very reminiscent on the late 90s and early 2000s rock scene, has that always been a genre you wanted to hone in on? 

Funny enough, no. When I first began in music, I was thirteen and the songwriter scene in Atlanta is very open mic-based. I was listening to a lot of soft, folky-inspired stuff and that is kind of what I started writing. As I have gotten older, I have branched out and explored more things. I didn’t even know that that was something that I could do.

It’s been really fun for me to push myself in different ways, like could I make a song that sounds like that, can I perform in a way that is a little more uncomfortable for me? I grew up listening to the late ’90s, early 2000s from my parents, so it’s kind of a full-circle moment of me finding myself back here.

Image Source: Brittaney Penney for The Honey POP
We absolutely love ‘TRAUMA BOND’ and ‘NEVER F*CKING KNOW,’ can you take us through your process for creating music? 

Sometimes I go in with a story or something that has happened to me. But I am writing a lot, so when I am in project mode, I am in the studio four or five days out of the week. Sometimes, there are not a lot of life events happening, so we’ll just go in and I’m lucky enough to write with amazing co-writers who I’ve made friends with and we just go off of concepts and cool titles and ideas. But sometimes like with ‘NEVER F*CKING KNOW’ that was an actual full-fledged experience that I had and took to my friend, Will, and we made it into a song. 

Image Source: Brittaney Penney for The Honey POP
Most of your song titles are in all-caps, while your stage name is written in all lowercase. Is there a meaning behind that contrast?

I think it might be a little subconscious. Certain songs feel all caps to me and for some reason and my artist name felt like a lowercase name to me. All caps really jump out at you!

Another of our favorite songs of yours is ‘BORED!’ with phem, who is another one of our favorite artists. How did the collab come about and what was it like working together?

That was actually the first time I had a session with phem. It was just set up as a co-writing thing and the collaboration aspect of that just happened naturally. At that point, I had never heard of hyper-pop or really dipped my toes into anything like that. It was just the most natural thing, it wasn’t this super contrived “Let’s get them in the studio” type of thing. We are really good friends, I love her and respect her. She’s a great artist and I am really proud of that song we did together.

Image Source: Brittaney Penney for The Honey POP
You are six shows (now seven, including tonight’s show) in on the YUNGBLUD tour, what has been your favorite moment so far? 

There’s been so many. Maybe less of a moment, but more the experience of connecting with people in real life cause really this is my seventh show period. So I’ve never really played to a live audience before and the dynamic and learning how to interact with them has probably been my favorite experience.

Image Source: Brittaney Penney for The Honey POP
Image Source: Brittaney Penney for The Honey POP
Image Source: Brittaney Penney for The Honey POP

Well, we can tell you now that it did not feel like her seventh show, in the audience. poutyface is a complete natural on stage and we can see her going very far in her career.

Not only did we get an amazing performance from her, but we also got to hear her new single ‘CHERRY PICKING’ that was officially released on March 4 through Island Records. The song is a nod to the 2000s pop-punk sound, but with a refreshing sound. If you’ve ever had a friendship that felt like you were giving 110% and they only cared about themselves, then this is the song for you. Listen to it on your favorite platform here.

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What did you think of our interview with poutyface? Have you added ‘NEVER F*CKING KNOW’ or ‘CHERRY PICKING’ to your playlist? Let us know in the comments below or chat with us on Twitter and Instagram. We’d love to hear from you.


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