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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Big Time Rush

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush?! Chances are if you’ve been around for a while, you know who they are, or you’ve at least heard of them. In case you somehow haven’t (bestie, you’ve been missing out, but don’t worry we’re here now. The Honey POP has got you), they’re a pop boy band from the early 2010s, consisting of four members; James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena-Vega, and Logan Henderson. These four men deserve to be stanned by all. Why you may ask? Well, we have a million reasons, but since we’re on a time crunch, we’ll give you just five.

They Make Absolute Bangers

Big Time Rush formed in 2009, and they’ve put out bop after bop. They have three studio albums, BTR, Elevate, and 24/seven, with hits like ‘Boyfriend (feat. Snoop Dogg),’ ‘Famous,’ and ‘Confetti Falling.’ Most of their songs are up-tempo and fun, which is perfect for an impromptu dance party at 2 am (IYKYK). We here at Honey POP love to drive around with our windows down yelling the lyrics to ‘Windows Down’ (see what we did there?) (that was a terrible joke) (we apologize). Big Time Rush also has some great emotional songs, like ‘Worldwide’ and ‘Til I Forget About You,’ which we love to cry to.

We Love A Comeback

Big Time Rush has recently joined the “let’s make a comeback” trend by reuniting in July 2021. They played two reunion shows in December 2021, and then announced a world tour on February 21, 2022. Amidst all that, they also released two singles, ‘Call It Like I See It’ and ‘Not Giving You Up,’ both of which are perfect for a summer vibes playlist! Now, we don’t know about you, but over here our little fangirl hearts were over the moon when we heard about this reunion! Many squeals were squealed over this. It’s no small thing when the band you were in love with as a tween is back for your young adulthood. We can’t wait to see what else they come out with this summer, it’s going to be everything! We’re happy dancing as we type!

But Wait, There’s More Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush rose to fame in November 2009, when their show premiered on Nickelodeon. The show follows our four boys, James, Kendall, Carlos, and Logan, as they get signed to a record label and are whisked off to Hollywood to record their music.

Now, we’ve watched this show at age 12, and we’ve watched it at age 22. it’s funny. Like, laugh out loud, tears streaming down your face, need-to-pause-because-you-can’t-breathe funny. All the characters are so over the top ridiculous and the situations these boys get themselves into are so comical. It’s the perfect show for when you need to feel like you’re a kid again. There are also slightly more serious plotlines, which keep the show from getting too over the top. Not gonna lie, we’ve shed a tear or two watching this show meant for children, but hey, what can we say, it holds up really well. The show ran from 2009-to 2013, with four seasons. If you want to check it out, which we highly recommend you do, all four seasons are available on Netflix and Paramount+.

They Put On A Great Show

Unlike 5 Seconds of Summer, Big Time Rush is a boyband, and they can actually dance (IYKYK). Back in the day, in 2012, Big Time Rush put on an impressive show, with One Direction as an opening act. In 2021, BTR has still got it!

They can do it all, they’ve got vocals, they’ve got choreography, they’ve got fan interaction, is there anything they cant do? Their upcoming tour promises to be an amazing experience and we can’t wait!

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We Love A band With A Sense Of humor

Do you love to laugh? Unless you’re Ron Swanson the answer to that question should be, “yes, duh, obviously”, in which case we have some good news for you! Big Time Rush is hilarious, on and off the Nickelodeon screen! Since announcing their reunion, they’ve done multiple live streams and interviews, and those guys like to joke around! They clearly have fun together, and it’s so fun to watch! And we can’t forget to mention that one of their new singles comes with a really silly, light-hearted music video. We would’ve paid the big bucks to be on set when they filmed that dance it out scene in ‘Not Giving You Up.’

We can keep listing reasons as to why you should stan Big Time Rush, but we don’t want to overwhelm you. Are you ready to become a Rusher? What’s your favorite Big Time Rush song? Let us know in the comments, or come find us on social media! We’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


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