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New Music Weekly: Big Time Rush, Wallows, And More!

New Music Weekly: Big Time Rush, Wallows, And More!

We’re back, baby! New Music Weekly is here to bring you the best of what’s new, and we have quite the lineup for you! From Big Time Rush, to Wallows, to Catie Turner, it’s been a good week for music lovers!

Two Another – Back To Us

We’ve got a debut album to celebrate!! Back To Us is all about identity and self-acceptance, something so many of us have struggled with, which makes this Two Another record so easy to connect with. Throughout the ten tracks, we are confident you will fall as in love with the record as we have, and we highly recommend the track ‘Jump.’

Stream Back To Us here!

Jensen McRae – Are You Happy Now?

Jensen McRae is about to become one of your new favorite singer-songwriters! Her way with words and ability to translate emotions through those words is unmatched. We have had the entirety of Are You Happy Now? on a constant loop since our first listen, it’s just that good. From ‘Happy Girl’ to ‘Make You Proud,’ the record is a masterclass on songwriting.

Stream Are You Happy Now? here!

flipturn – ‘Playground’

flipturn is kicking off their 2022 with a bang! ‘Playground’ is the perfect indie summer song. It’s got a chill vibe to it but still feels sun-soaked somehow. We can’t wait to get even more music from flipturn this year, and we can easily see this group becoming a favorite of ours.

Stream ‘Playground’ here!

Brí – ‘Time’

Brí is no stranger to New Music Weekly, but this time we get to break down her newest music video for ‘Time.’ ‘Time’ was one of the tracks off of Hide that we connected with the most, we are so pumped that Brí decided to bring these words to life – so beautifully, might we add. The video for ‘Time’ is a complete triumph for Brí, she’s the real deal.

Stream ‘Time’ here!

Dallas – ‘R.I.P’

We’ve got another artist kicking off their musical journey of 2022, Dallas! Dallas is taking this modern wave of a pop-punk meets alt-pop sound and owning it! We can clearly picture ourselves screaming along to every word to ‘R.I.P.’

Stream ‘R.I.P’ here!

Isabel Pless – ‘Call My Own’

Isabel Pless has had us wrapped around her finger ever since we saw her on TikTok singing about how perfect Jude Law was in The Holiday. It’s no surprise to us that ‘Call My Own’ is as lyrically and vocally strong as every snippet we’ve heard online of Isabel. Big things are coming for Isabel Pless in 2022, mark our words!

Stream ‘Call My Own’ here!

James Bay – ‘Give Me The Reason’

James Bay is one of those artists that we could do an entire TED Talk on about why he’s one of the all-time greats. His voice is on a whole other planet and with each release, he only strengthens his discography, no duds. ‘Give Me The Reason’ is exactly what we hope for from an artist at his level.

Stream ‘Give Me The Reason’ here!

Nicky Youre x David Hugo – ‘Never Go Wrong’

‘Never Go Wrong’ is the summer song. We are making that call right now because we already can’t turn the track off and are playing it before going out, and are dancing around our rooms. We’ve been seeing ‘Never Go Wrong’ teased all over TikTok and can say the track lived up to all the hype.

Stream ‘Never Go Wrong’ here!

Catie Turner – ‘Nothing’

Catie Turner is one of the brightest stars currently making music – we can’t get enough of her relationship with her pen and angelic vocals. You can tell every word she writes comes from the most personal place, it’s very apparent here on ‘Nothing.’ We’ve covered so many Catie Turner tracks here on New Music Weekly, and every time we just love her more.

Stream ‘Nothing’ here!

Wallows – Tell Me That It’s Over

Wallows fans, now is our time to celebrate! We finally have an entire new Wallows album, Tell Me That It’s Over, to play on a never-ending loop. And right along with the album, we’ve got a tour to hear all of these absolute smashes live! This band never disappoints, -all ten tracks hold up to the very high bar this group has set for themselves. ‘Missing Out’ has to be our favorite track both off the record and possibly out of Wallows’ entire discography.

Stream Tell Me That It’s Over here!

TELYkast x Teddy Swims – ‘Loveless’

This seamless blend of dance music with the incredible vocals of Teddy Swims is something we can’t get over! We wouldn’t have imagined ‘Loveless’ being a collaboration we needed, but now we aren’t sure how we survived without it! Everyone say, “thank you, TELYkast and Teddy Swims!”

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Stream ‘Loveless’ here!

NEVE – ‘Guy Friends’

NEVE has an unreal voice that struck us immediately when we pressed play on ‘Guy Friends.’ ‘Guy Friends’ is all about the trust issues you run into after seeing how other guys treat your friends – it’s hard not to put up walls after seeing the situations play out. NEVE gets it and so beautifully puts those situations we know all too well into words.

Stream ‘Guy Friends’ here!

Big Time Rush – ‘Not Giving You Up’ (Acoustic)

Reviewing new Big Time Rush music still just puts the biggest smiles on our faces. We can hardly believe that in 2022 it’s something we’re able to do, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Something we think a lot of people look over, because of where the band got their start, is how obscenely talented they are. That talent is front and center on this acoustic version of ‘Not Giving You Up.’

Stream ‘Not Giving You Up’ here!

Winona Oak – ‘Baby Blue’

‘Baby Blue’ is one of those tracks that immediately hit us like a semi when we heard it for the first time. The raw emotion poured into this track shows what a wizard Winona Oak is with her pen. Painting this tragic story of trying to fix someone you love even when you know it is only hurting you, ‘Baby Blue’ is a standout track of the whole year for us so far.

Stream ‘Baby Blue’ here!

THE BLSSM – ‘Not Today’

We are closing out New Music Weekly with a bang! ‘Not Today’ is a taste of the 90s mixed with the early 2000s, there’s just such a nostalgia-packed sound to this one. THE BLSSM could single-handily bring back that sound to the mainstream, and we are here for it!

Stream ‘Not Today’ here!

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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