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5 Must-See Lisa Fancams That Prove She’s The World’s Ultimate Bias

5 Must-See Lisa Fancams That Prove She’s The World’s Ultimate Bias

Everybody say, “Lalisa, we love you!” It’s no surprise Lalisa Monoban, famously known as Lisa from BlackPink, is one of the most beloved idols in the industry. Truthfully, she’s in everyone’s bias line. As a global icon, the Thai rap queen has captivated us all with her stunning visuals, impressive rap skills, vocal ability, and powerful stage presence. We’ve handpicked 5 Lisa fancams that will demonstrate to you why the entire world can’t get enough of her.

P.S. It was extremely difficult to narrow it down to just 5!

‘Kill This Love’

Lisa is known for displaying strong performances on stage, so we at The Honey POP! are starting our list strong with one of Lisa’s most viewed fancams. Yes, we’re talking about her ‘Kill This Love’ focused camera video. With over 21 million views, this Lisa fancam was definitely in your area. We love everything about the way she carries herself with fierce confidence in this video. From her first individual line, “Here I come kicking the door,” to her rap duet with bandmate Jennie, this fancam has you hooked. She never misses a beat and looks effortlessly dangerous in her all-black outfit.

‘Pink Venom’

If this is what pink venom tastes like, we will have some more, please! Within this video, Lisa’s sassy character is complemented by fun facial expressions. Also, when looking closely it’s evident Lisa’s eyes always follow the correct camera. This shows how experienced she is on the stage. Whilst the most replayed part of the fancam is the dance break, the chorus is on replay in our heads. Her professionalism also shines in this fancam as we see the difference between Lalisa’s bright self and the fierce ‘Pink Venom’ era Lisa during the performance.

‘Shut Down’

Lisa shut down the industry with the ‘Shut Down’ fancam. Firstly, the sporty baby blue outfit paired with the white corset worn adds an air of youthfulness. Lisa is known for her bold moves, and this fancam does not fall short. The ‘Shut Down’ choreography is full of bold-killing parts that have us trying to dance along to it. Although not as effortlessly as Lisa makes it look. Particularly, the “get my good side, I’ll smile for ya” line stands out as we see Lisa posing for a pic along with her 3 bandmates that jump in.


In this fancam, Lisa is dressed in all white with her iconic blunt bob. Within ‘LALISA,’ Lisa takes center stage, and the choreography is extremely impressive. Amazingly, Lisa owns every move without a single hair falling out of place whilst singing and rapping for the entire song. Surrounded by dancers in black, which makes Lisa truly pop in the middle, we love how she plays off her team with every move to create a really engaging performance. By the end, we were cheering back, “Lalisa, we love you!

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‘Lovesick Girls’

In our opinion, ‘Lovesick Girls’ is more toned back compared to other title tracks BlackPink has released. However, that does not mean the fancam’s or performances lack. In fact, it’s the opposite! Although we see Lisa in a more casual aesthetic, her energy is even more pronounced. Throughout the song, it looks like Lisa is having fun on the stage, and that’s what it’s all about. This infectious song, paired with infectious energy, is guaranteed to make you smile and want to watch it again. We’re in love with her stage presence here and never get sick of watching her fancams on repeat.

What is your favorite Lisa fancam? Let us know @thehoneypop!


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