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These Two Thai BLs Keep Us Giggling Recently

These Two Thai BLs Keep Us Giggling Recently

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Never thought we would be falling back in love with high school BL dramas, but here we go. If you read our 2022 BL rewind, you know we love a deep and heavy plotline 👀 But our mental health definitely appreciates a sweet giggle and some light-hearted butterflies. And these two Thai BLs are making sure we get our weekly dose of both!

My School President

Where do we even start?! If you’re looking for something easy and heartwarming, mixed in with some great original bops…we’ve got you! Well, more like My School President got your back! This show is like a breath of fresh air. A comforting hug. An instant mood maker that will put a smile on your face. And by smiles, we mean uncontrollable giggles and occasional squeals 👀 Because you will be blushing as if you were the teenager in question catching the feels. Yes, we are beyond whipped for our couples being so whipped for each other!

Tinn and Gun, played by Gemini Norawit and Fourth Nattawat, bring a kind of comforting pairing that we missed a lot more than we realized. Filled with green flags, healthy connections, and lots of cute fluff! With some quite comedic—yet realistic—portrayals of how high schoolers behave around their crushes. Tinn…we love your imagination. And Gun, we admire your flirting skills… IYKYK. Also, can we just appreciate for a second how Tinn’s focus isn’t on trying to be liked by Gun no matter what, but simply just to support him from the side, to help him reach his goals and happiness?!

But our love goes beyond these two. The entire music club is filled with quirky and endearing characters. Not to mention Tinn’s bestie, Tiw (played by Mark Pakin). Like…can our crush also find his own Tiw quickly, please? We might still be in time for a Valentine’s Day “hangout.” 🫣

And yes, since the plot revolves around a music club, we get a bunch of songs. But it never feels overdone or unnecessary. Let us just say this much: this cast KNOWS how to deliver music. As if we needed more reasons to fall in love with them 🙃 The covers and original soundtracks are all have been catchy and well-executed. We are talking 10/10 level. So you bet we are excited to hear the rest in the upcoming episodes! We’ve got our eyes (and ears) on everyone. But you’ll definitely hear us babble a lot more about Satang Kittiphop (playing Sound) and Ford Arun (playing Por) in the future. 

So in short, if you need a pick-me-up, give My School President a try. Trust us, it’s the perfect way to end your week and wind down. That was our subtle way of telling you not to walk, but to run, to GMMTV’s YouTube channel.

I Will Knock You

Okay, this one’s gonna deliver different kinds of giggles. So, are you ready to be knocked off of your feet? Because let’s just say I Will Knock You is not missing a single chance to crack you up. We didn’t expect this show to hook us in as much as it did. But its pure comedy and unique characters had us excited for the good laughs each week!

Thi (played by Bom Thanawat), a model university student, accidentally becomes the tutor of a gang leader high schooler, Noey Watphlu (played by Taratiwat). Do we like the “opposites attract” trope? For sure! But Noey is not your typical “bad guy.” His love for classic pop culture and retro gangster movies gives him an old-school personality. As if the two characters were living in two different timezones simultaneously. A great nostalgic feel in modern settings. 

See Also

The two lead’s chaotic moments, misunderstandings, and opposite traits cause all kinds of unexpected comedic situations. Which will eventually lead them to the same feelings. But will they be able to work through their differences? Well, lucky you, you don’t have to wait days between episodes to find that out. You can binge-watch it all now on GagaOOLala. We promise our quirky Watphlu gang will relieve all your stress!

Besides the non-stop humor, we also appreciate the show’s nostalgic romanticism and the heartwarming deepness of friendships. We unexpectedly fall in love with this show…and by the end, it has grown on us so much that we might have shed a tear or two while their story concluded the recent final episode. All in a feel-good way, of course. 👀

What about you? Don’t forget to let us know your recent favorite drama moments by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or leaving a comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts!

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