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Rising Star Jack Kane’s New Song Is Intimate And Warm

Rising Star Jack Kane’s New Song Is Intimate And Warm


Looking for a new song that is perfect for the spring and can melt into the summer? We have good news, then. There is a hot new song that is for all seasons, is timeless and is extremely ideal for slow dancing in the kitchen and it’s by Jack Kane. The rising star from Hertfordshire, now based in London brings out a soft, warming, and energizing single: ‘Tell Me What I Need To Do.’

‘Tell Me What I Need To Do,’ released on Friday, March 24th, reminds us how we don’t need to do anything alone and the extent of what those around us will do to show us that. 

This is a song that will give you newfound optimism to make it through hardships knowing that you have people in your corner. If you don’t have anyone, you at least have Jack Kane to remind you of your worth. Also, this is a song for all the hopeless romantics who fantasize about dancing in a low-lit kitchen after cooking dinner and hearing their partner describe how far they’d go to show their love and devotion to uplift them through good and bad. 

This Song Is For The Lovers & Givers

‘Tell Me What I Need To Do’ begins with a mellow acoustic instrumental that later has more guitar strings layered on top that give the song its emotion and isolate Jack Kane’s beautiful voice to be heard clearly. The first verse is lighter as Jack is working on getting the attention of the person he is talking to. That can be heard in the song’s first line “listen, I’m trying to listen. I’m trying to give you good advice.” It’s the same approach that is done when you first try to pull someone out of their funk. 

The second verse onward picks up the pace with more confidence that stresses in a stern but gentle way the reminder that you’re not alone. That reminder is so clear when Jack sings, “I hope you hear me when I say, I’m here, I’m here, always.” That makes us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside! Who doesn’t want to hear how much someone wants to fight your fight alongside you? 

That second verse is where the additional guitar strumming comes in, adding the energizing recharge of what sitting beside a person you trust feels likes. The song is a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea, and a hug from a person you need it from the most. Jack Kane does a fantastic job making a gorgeous song for all the softies who want to receive the help and love they give returned. One play of this song, and you’ll be locked in love with Jack Kane’s voice, songwriting abilities, and message of this song. Thank you, Jack Kane, for sharing a vulnerable side and opening your heart to us. We aren’t alone when with you and vice versa. 

Jack Kane’s Lyrics Are A Hug In Song Form

We have to share with you just a few lyrics from the chorus that feel like we are leaning our head on our love’s (or crush’s) shoulder and peacefully existing in that space. So we are going to tease a few lyrics here because you must go check out this song yourself. If you don’t, you’ll miss out and be sad without Jack Kane telling you how great you are. 

  • “You can call me at midnight, and I’ll drive straight to your house” — If you loved the bridge of ‘You Belong With Me’ by Taylor Swift, this is the lyric that will get you. 
  • “I’ll hold you when you’re down” — Do you ever just want someone to wrap their arms around you when you’re sad? We know you do. 
  • “If you want a river, I’ll give you an ocean” — If someone told us that they’d go get us an ocean when we asked for something smaller to prove how much they love us and want us to feel better, we’d swoon. And probably cry because we mean that much to someone? Wow!

These lyrics are just a snippet of what is to come once you listen with your heart and mind. Jack Kane will take you through this experience with powerful and uplifting lyrics that are there to make you feel whole again. 

This song is about letting someone know you’re going to be there for them. Maybe you’re not capable of fixing all their problems, but you’re going to try your best. I think a lot of the time when you’re going through something, knowing there is someone on your side fighting with you can take so much of the edge off. I wanted this song to feel really comforting but still have a bit of bite to it, I wanted it to recharge you if you’re feeling low

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We Are Telling You What To Do Too

At THP, we are in love with this Londoner more than ever! We can’t wait to have this song playing in our headphones as we walk outside, imagining that we are the main character in a RomCom. ‘Tell Me What I Need To Do’ deserves a spot on so many different playlists, such as:

  • Never Forget Your Summer Love
  • POV: You’re A Softie And A Hopeless Romantic
  • Songs To Kiss In The Kitchen To 
  • Play When You Want To Recharge 
  • The World Can’t Stop You Because I’m Here 

Jack Kane is very versatile, and this song demonstrates that very well. We are hooked on this song and know you will be too. Check out and stream ‘Tell Me What To Do’ and the rest of the EP now!

Give us a tweet @TheHoneyPop to let us know what you think of this song, why you love it, and what type of playlist you’d put it on. You can give us those details too in the comments below or on our Facebook and Instagram. If you enjoyed learning about the talented rising artist Jack Kane, you must go check out more of our faves


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