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Jack Kane’s Shiner Has Everything We Need

Jack Kane’s Shiner Has Everything We Need

Let’s be real. You need to hear every single song Jack Kane ever releases. We want to think of it as the law because, come on. This man has talent! We’re talking about that kind of talent that draws you in, blows your mind, and has you feeling on top of the world. Every song from Jack Kane’s newly released EP, Shiner, gives us that feeling, and we are obsessed.

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Are you ready to discover the incredible talent of Jack Kane? Shiner has six remarkable songs that beautifully navigate life’s challenging moments while still infused with radiant warmth and a delightful touch of fun.

It definitely has its earnest moments, but I think it softens some complex emotions in a fun and colorful way. Each track on this EP explores how we take knocks in life, and still, we manage to get up and go again.

Jack Kane

But which songs should be at the top of your playlist? While we highly recommend immersing yourself in the EP from start to finish, we understand that time can sometimes be a luxury. No worries, honey! We’ve got you covered. Life gets busy, and we’re here to share our top three favorites to give you a taste before you dash off to conquer that next task on your to-do list! (Or before you go, check out this fun article next!)


Life can sometimes beat you down and leave you out in the soaking rain. It’s just the way it can be, and it does suck. But you can always get back up, and that’s what ‘Underdog’ is all about. This is the best song to put on when you are feeling a little fried. When life gets a little too much, and you’re falling on hard times, listen to ‘Underdog,’ and let Jack Kane remind you that you can get back up on your feet and keep going. You’ve got this!

‘Tell Me What I Need To Do’

We adore songs about love, and this one warms our souls. The pure devotion painted in these lyrics takes hold of our heartstrings and strums them so gently. When times get tough, love will lead the way. ‘Tell Me What I Need To Do’ will pick you up, hold you tight, and have you feeling wrapped up in a big blanket full of love. Isn’t that just the best?

‘Something More’

Sometimes we can feel a little lost, whether that is in terms of something specific, like career-wise, or just in general. We feel like there’s ‘Something More’ that we need, and we can’t quite put our finger on what. Those thoughts have us overthinking and in quite the tangle. Jack Kane perfectly paints that feeling in this song.

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Jack Kane created something special with Shiner. All of the songs on there are relatable bops, and we highly recommend checking all of them out! We’re so excited to see what else he has for us in the future!

Image Source: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

What’s your favorite song from Shiner? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.


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