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Benny Sings Introduces Us To A Cast Of Lost Young Hearts

Benny Sings Introduces Us To A Cast Of Lost Young Hearts

Songs that tell a story are often some of our absolute favorites. We love being able to relate to the characters depicted within the lyrics. One of our favorite artists who do that is Benny Sings! In the past, we’ve loved his autobiographical songs that tie into his life, but this time, he gets even more creative and leans into fiction to introduce us to a cast of different characters.

Benny just gave us his incredible new project, Young Hearts, and this album has been so fun to explore! Every song is a little different from the last, and they all tie together with their individual stories and characters beautifully.

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Do you want to know something awesome? The legendary Kenny Beats produced the album! The two linked up in L.A. after connecting online, and we’re so glad they did. Young Hearts is such a gift! As well as working with Benny Sings, Kenny Beats has worked with the likes of Remi Wolf, BENEE, Denzel Curry, and worldwide sensation Ed Sheeran. Benny mentioned on Instagram that he felt like he could really hone in on his songwriting while working with Kenny, which makes the album and its storylines even more special.

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We Love The Loveable Losers On Young Hearts!

The whole Young Hearts album is full of fictional mini-stories for our listening pleasure, which makes it so fun to listen to. One of our faves is ‘Pyjamas,’ the last single to release before the album drop. It features the immensely talented Remi Wolf, and as well as featuring in the song, she also directed the music video and participated in it! The piece depicts a man that would much rather take a walk on Cabana Beach than tango under the sheets, while his lover would prefer the latter.

The antihero is at the heart of my music.

Benny Sings

Other highlights include ‘The Only One,’ which follows a man who can’t get a woman off his mind, even though she’s completely unaware that he even exists. We also adore ‘Simple Love Songs,’ which is all about being so in love with someone that the boundless love makes it feel like dreams, fairytales and happily-ever-afters can become reality!

I hope that someone can listen to these songs and think, “I’m not Superman, but maybe I can still save the day.”

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Benny Sings

Benny Sings has created something extraordinary, and we’re certain that this will be an album on repeat for quite some time. We’re still listening to it right now!

What’s your favorite song from Young Hearts? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on FacebookInstagram, and Discord.


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