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3 Of Our Favorite Styles From The PinkPantheress Purse Collection

3 Of Our Favorite Styles From The PinkPantheress Purse Collection

PinkPantheress is an icon for many reasons. First, every song is a groove-inducing masterpiece. Second, she never falls short of master collaborations. Case in point: ‘Boys a liar Pt.2’ with Ice Spice, which has soared to the top spot on the Mediabase Rhythmic Radio Chart this week. With a spectacular 117 million views and over a billion combined global streams, it’s safe to say it’s a certified hit.

But that’s not all PinkPantheress brings to the table. She’s also a fashion icon and is always seen rocking a bag. Whether she’s in a music video or performing on stage, her true partner in crime is her purse. So, to celebrate the success of ‘Boys a liar Pt.2’ reaching number one, we’re picking 3 of our favorite styles from the PinkPantheress purse collection.

We’ve often wondered what kind of bags our favorite celebrities prefer. Are they rucksack people? – the weight of all their chart-topping achievements must be heavy. Or do they lean towards chic clutch bags? Maybe they opt for a classic shoulder bag? Luckily, our curiosity has been quenched when it comes to PinkPantheress. She effortlessly embraces a variety of bag styles, and we must admit, we’ve added a few to our wishlist.

‘Boys a liar Pt.2’ Purse

While we’re on ‘Boys a liar Pt.2,’ PinkPantheress holds a cute pastel shoulder bag with silver details. This fun accessory perfectly complements the song’s light vibes and soothing vocals. It’s the ideal bag for summer and brings a splash of color without taking away attention from the main outfit. At The Honey POP!, we’ve already done the detective work for you. PinkPantheress is seen sporting the Blue Trivia Sioux bag from Kiko Kostadinov.


In addition to her love for toned-down colored accessories, PinkPantheress fearlessly embraces a bold and vibrant aesthetic. It’s official; there’s nothing she can’t rock! One of our all-time favorite bags she has flaunted is the striking red purse at the Primavera Sound LA festival. The way the longer straps casually dangle off her shoulder gives off a contagious sense of joy as the bag vibes along with us. Moreover, we can’t get enough of its trendy shape, which happens to be all the rage right now. You can spot similar styles on the Jacquemus bags. And it looks very spacious. We wonder if she has a spare microphone tucked away in there because, let’s face it, a girl always needs to be prepared.


During a show, PinkPantheress explained carrying a bag on stage makes her feel at home. And honestly, we relate! You’ll never see us stepping out without a trusty bag. Let’s talk about another style she effortlessly owns: the Y2K-inspired mini shoulder bag. With a simple yet stylish black design, these bags have become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. And it adds that extra touch of sass. Naturally, we couldn’t help but wonder if she stores her beloved NCT photocard collection in there.

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If you want to see the PinkPantheress purse collection in action, you can catch her at upcoming Music Festival dates across Europe and America from June 1st to August 20th. Let us know your favorite PinkPantheress purse in the comments, or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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