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Designing Our Own Harry’s House Bedroom From Memorable Harry Styles Moments In The Era

Designing Our Own Harry’s House Bedroom From Memorable Harry Styles Moments In The Era

It’s hard to believe that the words “coming soon” were ever attached next to Harry’s House, but in fact, they were. It was stitched into the preview video’s title and uploaded on March 24th, 2022. This very video starts out in the wild, just two flowers against a scenic blurred background, before its nature sounds whisk us in with motion editing, telling us to follow along. Something’s about to happen until it does, and we see Harry Styles – wearing nothing flashy; we could even guess it’s what he presumably would wear at home – walk across an open theater stage. He looks at us first, the corners of his lips twitching into this “yeah, I’m back” grin, before the outline of a yellow house whisks upwards, which is indeed Harry’s House.

While it may be his, it’s also become ours throughout the many months that have culminated in this era. Whether it’s through having listening parties to the album, reacting to the music videos, or running towards the Love on Tour barricade, we have felt what it’s like to spend some time there, and honestly, we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Therefore, we’ve decided to design a Harry’s House-inspired bedroom to celebrate the era. We’ll be pulling items from those we’ve watched and from lyrical couplets, wondering which stage outfits we should hang up in our wardrobe or if the lights in Gill’s Lounge have a better purpose. It’s all in an attempt to look back on this era, but have some fun while doing so! 

“You Are Home” Welcome Mat

Usually, this item rests on the doorstep, but seeing as it came from one of the first events during this era, we’re going to let it slide and have it as the very first thing you see upon walking into your bedroom and, of course, if you can’t tell by our hints, it’s a welcome mat! Not just any welcome mat, either. But one that says, “You Are Home.” It became a coined phrase upon appearing as the URL for a website – – that launched hints towards the album and then later at the Harry’s House pop-up shops.

There were nine, located in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, and finally, Toronto, starting on May 22, 2022. While it showcased a replica of the album cover for all of your social media needs, this very mat in front of doors styled like the ones on the website made a lasting impression, being recited whenever someone walked into the Love on Tour arena or stadium, taken aback by a night spent surrounded by other fans.   


That’s it. I’ve peaked. I officially went to #HarrysHouse 😭 Thank you for the invite, HarryStyles. 🏠 @hshq

♬ original sound – MTV

‘As It Was’ Wallpaper

While “You Are Home” was our initial insight into what Harry’s House eventually came to be, our first music video installment that kicked off the rest was for ‘As It Was.’ It’s riddled with appearances from a black glove that snuck its way into the Fine Line album cover – almost as if acting as the bridge between those two worlds – primary color symbolism and a massive rotating platform choreography created by Yoann Bourgeois. 

A behind-the-scenes commercial break here, but back in August 2021, musician Elderbrook drew inspiration from  Yoann’s 2018 film The Great Ghosts by having something similar in their ‘Inner Light’ music video, a collaboration with Bob Moses.  

However, for what we’re putting into our Harry’s House-inspired bedroom, the drawings appear around the 1:32 mark; we’re grabbing them for the room’s wallpaper! Mathilde Lin, the lady in blue, appears next to Harry as they’re pinned down, entirely on display as if they were in an actual museum, ready for inspection. It’s the fact that while the actual art surrounds them, the inspectors, or the public, if you will, still gauge their attention toward the two of them rather than just focusing on the colorful works. 

The Bridge Of ‘Keep Driving’ As A Graphic

There are so many amazing lyrical couplets in Harry’s House – and we’ll be diving into some others – but who would we be if the first one we hung on our bedroom wall as a graphic wasn’t the ‘Keep Driving’ bridge? We mean, Harry’s even gracious enough to provide it with its own hands’ dance routine, especially in a certain part, that we couldn’t just ignore it. Although 18+ friendly, we know it so well by now that we can recite it in our sleep, and now we’ll let it get stuck in your head. Are you ready? “Passports in foot wells / Kiss her and don’t tells…”

‘Fine Line’ Space Guitar

‘Fine Line’ has been like the black sheep of Love on Tour—at least for the second half! You know that it doesn’t necessarily belong there anymore. Still, when it does get its moment, it surpasses every other surprise song that we almost immediately stop shouting out for ‘Medicine’ and instead let this forlorn masterpiece replace it. Although Australians  – Harry canceled his first initial round of Love on Tour dates, changing the setlist from Fine Line to Harry’s House. Yeah, we know it’s confusing, mainly because this tour has been going on for two years and has seven legs! – have never heard it live. Once again, Europe has Harry sticking it on the setlist for Love on Tour’s final leg. 

That’s not what we really want to talk about, though. He used this space guitar in Horsens, Denmark, to perform the song! We want it. We need it. It truly deserves a place in our Harry’s House-inspired bedroom. 

Love on Tour Wardrobe

One of the positive things about a tour of that size – besides, you know, seeing Harry – is the many costumes he’s worn, all styled by Harry Lambert, and therefore, surely we could steal a few for our bedroom’s wardrobe. We’re going to pick some of our favorites, though Harry, Lambert, if you’re reading, we’d accept mere fabric scraps.

First up is the pink and brown button jacket and pant ensemble for Toronto, Canada’s night two, followed by the Daisy Duke’s starstudded cowboy vest in baby blue with jeans to match that was for New York, and then the sequinned palm tree vest for night one of California, Los Angeles. Speaking of California, if we can’t have the cherry vest with “H.S.” stitched on the back of pants, we’ll take the fluffy, oversized pink coat. Was it for Coachella and not Love on Tour? Yep. Do we care? Obviously not. There are so many looks to choose from that even Ryan Gosling’s Ken from Margot Robbie’s Barbie would take the cliff notes. 

‘Little Freak’s Crystal Ball

Starry haze, crystal ball
Somehow, you’ve become some paranoia
A wet dream just dangling
But your gift is wasted on me

Little Freak

We told you we’d be back to talking about couplets from Harry’s House, and we’re not just aiming for this one because it’s speaking about an actual object. Sure, we’re taking the crystal ball for our bedroom, but this line from ‘Little Freak’ is so intricate that it sounds poetic and has some symbolism attached.

See Also

For us, it goes hand in hand with the iconic “You never saw my birthmark” lyric. Going from “You bring blue lights to dreams,” someone obviously has the starring role in Harry’s dreams. However, since that person is still so out of reach, it plays with the feelings attached to the color blue, such as being upset that that’s the closest they are to them, so he turns to the occult to see what their future might hold. Will he be in it, or is it “A wet dream just dangling?” 

‘Late Night Talking’ Bed

We’re designing Harry’s House-inspired bedroom, after all, and what’s the one piece of furniture that’s almost a requirement? A bed, duh! Luckily for us, it takes center stage throughout the ‘Late Night Talking’ music video, acting as a symbolic device to annotate Harry’s dating life and how often what we perceive in the media isn’t as straightforward. 

While we won’t be fully taking out our red-string theory boards, there’s an example of this theme around the 1.30 mark where Harry’s eating meatballs in the dark with another male, no one bothering to pay any attention to them. One of the waiters walks right past them. Harry even takes photographs of that moment, with the person he’s with taken out of them. Still, because of the media’s bias, they instead connect those photos with a female, drawing a massive spotlight on them as they eat in a bed on a stage and nowhere near the quiet corners of a restaurant. In those photos, the female appears beside him with binoculars in their hands, as it’s when the media is actually paying attention. 

‘Music For a Sushi Restaurant’ Lights

If we’re staying on the same wavelength of functional items for our Harry’s House-inspired bedroom and not just purely for decoration, then say no further than the lights in Harry’s third music video for the era. After the fishermen find Harry washed up on the shore bed, they find out that he’s not just any normal man-squid but a singing man-squid. He’s taken into their restaurant to be propped up on a stage, and thus Sebastian from The Little Mermaid’s dreams comes true. If you don’t think after his rendition of ‘Kiss the Girl’ that he deserved to be the ocean’s version of Harry Styles, then think again.Anyway, when Harry Harry is sitting on the coral reef rock, multicolored lights are flashing above him. They’re so beautiful that they’re going to replace any form of LSD ones. 

“Leave America” Door Sign

Did we ever figure out which Love on Tour leg shouted out that particular phrase from the ‘As It Was’ bridge the loudest? Right now, a scientific Harrie is creating a calculus equation to figure out precisely that. It’s so accurate that it gives any Swiftie easter-egg a run for their money. For now, it will be scribbled onto our bedroom door sign because if we can no longer shout it at Harry as Love on Tour comes to a close, we can at least tell it to whoever decides to be a nuisance when getting into our private time. 

Replica of Harry’s House’s Album Of The Year GRAMMY Award

Finally, our King did it! Yeah, we’re talking about the GRAMMY win. It was, in fact, not a fever dream, but is something that indeed happened when Reina LaFantaisie, the fandom’s grandmother, read out his name for Album of the Year. To commemorate the occasion and how special this era is, we think it best to have replicas on our nightstands.

If you could take something from this era to put in your bedroom – whether it’s already useable like the “Harry is my friend” hat or turn it into memorabilia like Stomper from the ‘Satellite’ music video – what would it be? Let us know by interacting with our Twitter page @thehoneypop!

As Harry wraps up Love on Tour with the final leg covering the UK and Europe, there’s always time for a private concert in your bedroom—as if you don’t do that already! However, we’ll pretend like you truly don’t and tell you that you can stream Harry’s House here, and for more articles covering the album, scroll through our Facebook and Instagram


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