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3 phem Songs As Different Types Of Dogs, In Honor Of ‘i love my dog’

3 phem Songs As Different Types Of Dogs, In Honor Of ‘i love my dog’

We’re so jealous of anyone who got to see phem join Avril Lavigne’s European tour this spring – not only because they’ve had the amazing experience of seeing phem live, but also because they heard her perform ‘i love my dog’ before anyone else. But we finally get to hear the song ourselves, because phem officially released it!

‘i love my dog’ is an ode to phem’s adorable dog, Ricky, and celebrates how much he means to her in such a fun way. The unconditional love our pets give us is really so special! “He’s so small, but he’s big inside my heart” is seriously one of our favorite lyrics we’ve heard this year, showcasing that owner-pet love so well while giving us a sentimental sing-along moment. No one looks at the world around us in quite the same way phem does, and that makes their music so magical, whether they’re talking about mental health, their journey as an artist, or even a dog. 

i don’t know why nobody else has done this before… but it seemed like the perfect song to take around the world to places that haven’t gotten to know me yet. we all have a commonality we take for granted … we all love our fkn dogs….


To celebrate ‘i love my dog’ and to introduce you to some more phem songs you need to hear, we’ve paired three different tracks with different dog breeds that we think match them! But first, watch this very important TikTok of Ricky so you can see the precious pup that inspired the song. Then you’re good to keep reading! 

‘silly putty’ – Golden Retriever

That opening lyric of “are you freaking kidding me? Cutest sh*t I’ve ever seen” is pretty much our reaction when we see a dog of any breed, but ‘silly putty’ gives us major golden retriever vibes. The song is all about that energetic, butterflies-y feeling you get around a crush, and it reminds us of how excited goldens get when they see you! We think golden retrievers would also be pretty likely to accept a “triple dog dare” thanks to how outgoing they are.

‘watery’ – Pug

Yeah, sometimes humans get ‘watery’ eyes, but you know who also does? Pugs! ‘watery’ is one of the most vulnerable songs in phem’s repertoire, and it definitely gets us teary when we listen to it. We also think a sweet pug would be the perfect comfort when we’re dealing with those kinds of emotions! 

Content warning: The song below touches on suicide ideation.

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‘SWEATER’ – Saint Bernard

Finally, we get to one of our all-time favorite phem throwbacks, ‘SWEATER!’ The idea behind ‘SWEATER’ is that even if a relationship didn’t work out, you can still take something positive from it, whether it’s memories of when things were good or your ex’s sweater. We chose Saint Bernards for this one, because they’re fluffy like a sweater! 

Which of these songs is your favorite? Do you agree with our dog breed pairings? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more sweet music recs, click here.


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