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Blusher’s ‘Backbone’ Is Retro And The Heartbreak Revival Anthem Of The Summer

Blusher’s ‘Backbone’ Is Retro And The Heartbreak Revival Anthem Of The Summer


You just got off the phone with your boyfriend and it didn’t go well. And by not going well, he ended the relationship and totally ripped your heart into pieces. You weren’t expecting the night to end with you being broken up with. What do you do now? You pick up your phone send a text or call one of the people you consider a ‘Backbone.’ You know who. It’s going to be one of your best friends who will be there to comfort you, talk sense into you, and go to war with the lame dude who broke up with you. Friendships provide a fiery power that can help heal broken hearts and empower you through this moment and beyond. Blusher created ‘Backbone’ as an anthem of friendship through thick and thin around heartache. 

Blusher’s ‘Backbone’ encourages the listener to feel their heartache while also knowing their friends give them solidarity. Friendships have deeply rooted foundations that are full of love. These relationships simultaneously give you space to cry, to feel, and to find strength meanwhile also holding accountability and ensuring that you stick to your boundaries. Real friends let you cry on their shoulders, be your fighter, and tell you when it’s dumb to text the boy who broke your heart. That’s precisely what Blusher’s ‘Backbone’ provides in their message within the funky dark synth-pop beat. 

Jade, Miranda, and Lauren are ready for you to pick your fighter and healer to move on. ‘Backbone’ is a kintsugi of your heart being put back together. Instead of gold being used to put back together a shattered heart it is with the love of your friends. The Melbourne, Australia trio has entered the post-break-up friend group chat. You better believe they’re so ready to have a girl’s night out to drink, dance, and get you feeling alive! 

Image Source: Courtesy Tom Lewis

You Don’t Have To Heal Your Heart Alone With Blusher’s ‘Backbone’

We, just like you, love it when we hear a song that is within itself a friend telling us to move on and be happy. The music video for ‘Backbone’ is just as fun as the song is. ‘Backbone’ is set in what appears to be a video game-type world. We got major Tron-esque vibes from the music video. The Blusher trio stands in fighting poses ready to take down the guy who broke your heart and then take you out to dance to shake him off. We couldn’t get enough of this music video for ‘Backbone.’ It’s not at all what we expected for this summer’s heart revival anthem. It’s so much better and unique! 

You have to watch the fun music video for ‘Backbone’ as it allows you insight into Blusher’s creative pop-centric world. Not only that, but it gives you a taste of what else you can expect when you lean into Blusher.

If you enjoy ‘Backbone,’ you need to have ‘Dead End’ next in the queue. 

Backbone is about the powerful aftermath of a heartbreak; the part where your friends listen to you cry, support you with chocolate and partying, and help you to recover. We wanted to sing about the way that heartbreak can strengthen and empower friendships. It’s a fire-y, energetic love song to the friends who have your back through it all. Backbone is aptly named, its themes of power, confidence, and deep friendship are the foundation of our band. This song is very special to us.


A Sneak Peak To Blusher’s ‘Backbone’ Lyrics

The lyrics in ‘Backbone’ perfectly match the aesthetic and the surging confidence that grows from listening to this pop hit. We are going to share with you a few of our favorite lines from the song! 

  • “We kiss and we held up the traffic. Flashing red on his face. You are my backbone.” 

Hello! The red traffic light was flashing red on his face a big sign that he is a walking, well, driving red flag. Even with that omen of what was to come, Blusher reminds us that friends are still our backbone in those rose-colored glasses moments. 

  • You said you’d punch him in the chest If you ever met. But I miss him still.” Forget picking your fighter. It’s time to pick your protective friend who will put him in his place for losing such an amazing person as you.

This is the duality of the moment when your friend is so mad at who made you upset. Meanwhile, you know that they are cheering you up but you can’t help but genuinely miss the person. It’s a fresh emotion. This is a real situation. This is something many of us have said to us. Or we’ve been the ones saying it to a friend. It’s how we demonstrate we are in this together and it will get better. 

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  • “One more reason to take the floor. Call the girls out and dance until he’s gone. We’re up till the midnight sun.”

Without a doubt, when you’re with your friends, your backbone, you’re never more supported. This is when you’re the freest after a relationship has ended. No matter how amicable or unhealthy the breakup was, we need our friends to help us pick up our feet and get whisked away into unforgettable moments to revive ourselves. We only teased a little bit so you are even more tempted to listen to the song now! 

You Know You Need More Of This Australian Girl Pop Group, Blusher

Do you think that we, at THP, would leave you without getting more of Blusher? You have to know us better than that by now. You can get more of Blusher by listening to ‘Softly Spoken.’ Right now Blusher only has 3 songs released. However, come July 14, their new EP, Should We Go Dance?, will be released! It’s time to pre-save Should We Go Dance?, it’s what cool kids with good taste do.  

We have a deep inkling that this EP will be putting Blusher even further on the map to be enjoyed more by newer fans in and out of Australia. You know what this means, we have to stan Blusher and so do you! Give us your top three reasons why you love ‘Backbone’ and what playlist(s) you’re putting it on. You can tell us by dropping a comment below or by popping over to our socials! You can give us a comment on Facebook, Instagram, or tweet @thehoneypop! No matter where you meet us, we will see you there!  If you’re looking for more pop artists, look no further than here


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