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You, Us, And Sum Sun Are ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’

You, Us, And Sum Sun Are ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’


There’s nothing quite refreshing as reminiscing the memories of an impromptu rendezvous. It’s just as refreshing as a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day or perhaps a chilled glass of champagne. Actually, we know exactly how refreshing and bubbly that feeling is because of Sum Sun. Their new single, ‘Sippin’ Serotonin,’ is a thirst-quenching tune that captures the rush of creating unforgettable moments.

While listening to ‘Sippin’ Serotonin,’ you will get a dose of serotonin from the light and warming track. Effortlessly you fall right into the melody that you won’t be able to shake off. It’s a hit that includes you in their memory as if you were with them. Sum Sun made ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ an oasis for us to enjoy when we get stuck in the desert of feeling alone. ‘Sippin Serotonin’ encourages us to stroll down memory lane as we make plans to catch up with friends over dinner. It’s also an oasis for us to use to create new memories with our friends as we soak up nights that feel alive. 

Sum Sun’s ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ is a song that takes us back to the 2010s summers when we had timeless sunshine-filled tracks. ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ is going to be a new timeless all-season sensation for those who want to take advantage of living in the present. Life is too short if you sit idly by waiting for someone else to suggest the first adventure. 

‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ Is The Only Drink We Want To Order

‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ is here, and this is a song you’ll need to get on your playlist immediately. 

It felt like we were sipping serotonin. Sober when we’re drinking cheap wine. You feel good when you wake up in the morning. After heaven for a night”

Sum Sun

Sum Sun made a fun and playful song with lyrics that describe how we all feel when we know something has been stored as a joyous and happy core memory. It’s a dancing-in-the-kitchen playlist material. It’s a song that is for your evening pool party playlist. Without a doubt, it’s also a song for your friends out in the city playlist and a friend-cation road trip playlist.

We love versatility! If you can’t tell, ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ belongs in all scenarios, and once you hit play, you will know why. You’ll want to have more than 2 glasses so that you can be ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ too. 

Jump In And Discover Sum Sun

Sum Sun is a duo formed by Nick Benton and Ilan Pomerance that you don’t want to miss out on. If you enjoy songs by the Driver Era, such as ‘Afterglow,’ Sum Sun, in that case, will be up your alley. ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ will make you feel like that laying on the beach with your sunglasses on, warm, happy, and living your best life. To get more of the Sum Sun Indie-Rock vibe, we recommend that you listen to ‘Kickin’’ too! 

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The singer-songwriter duo needs to be on your watchlist! Sum Sun is growing and gaining more fans around the world. You absolutely have to be one of them. What’s not to like about Sum Sun? After all, they have cultivated 1.5 million streams in just one year after releasing their debut single ‘2:38.’ That’s beyond impressive!

Get on the Sum Sun team with us! Let us know what memories you’d like to create with ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ by finding commenting on our socials @thehoneypop! Or drop a comment below! We can’t wait to know you plan to use ‘Sippin’ Serotonin’ to capture your memories! While you’re here, don’t forget to see what is going on in the music world with our faves and your soon-to-be faves! Check out the buzz!


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