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Exclusive Interview: April Jai Talks All About Being in Her ‘Spicy Era’

Exclusive Interview: April Jai Talks All About Being in Her ‘Spicy Era’

If you’re looking to enhance your playlist, we have just the artist for you! Look no further than April Jai!

We were lucky enough to get to chat with April Jai all about her newest single ‘Stop Fighting It,’ her love of one of our comfort shows, Gilmore Girls, the music scene in London, and so much more! We hope you love our conversation with April as much as we loved having it!

Listen to ‘Stop Fighting It’ here!

Hi April! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! To start us off, how would you describe who you are as an artist to someone who has never listened before?
Hey! Thanks so much for having me. I’m April Jai, a pop singer-songwriter from Scotland. If you like super honest, introspective, conversational-style songs, you’re in the right place. I don’t shy away from any topics, and I’m a huge mental health advocate, so you’ll hear me write a lot about all of the many emotions that I feel on a day-to-day basis. So, if you’re feeling sad, angry, spicy, I’ve pretty much got a song for all of it.

‘Stop Fighting it’ is your newest track, which has kicked off your self-described “spicy era.” Will we be seeing visuals that match this vibe?
Yes! There’s a lyric video/visualizer that was put up on YouTube a few days ago, which I had a lot of fun filming!

If ‘Stop Fighting It’ is your “spicy era” what era would ‘Not Like The Movies’ be?
NLTM was definitely my angry hopeless romantic era. I blame all the romance novels on that one!

We’ve seen what an incredible platform TikTok has been for you and how it’s allowed you to connect with people who connect with your music. What do you think makes the connection you’re able to make on that app different from any other platform?
I think TikTok is an amazing platform! It’s a lot more unfiltered, and I think that’s what drew me to it in the first place. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with social media in general, but once I got on TikTok, I definitely started to find a way to show up more authentically online. I also love how it’s still a great platform to reach new audiences on. I constantly have new listeners discovering my music with each release which is amazing.

We hear a lot doing these interviews about the pop scene in LA, New York, etc, but what is the pop scene in London like? Do you draw inspiration at all from the city and the way the music industry exists within the city?
I’ve never been to LA or NY, so I can’t compare them, but London has a great music scene! There’s always a gig going on whether you’re looking to catch an open mic, an up-and-coming artist showcase, or your favourite mainstream performer. I have so much fun discovering new music here! I would, however, love to make it over to LA soon to check out the music scene over there.

We know one of your favorite tv shows is Gilmore Girls, so we have to ask if you had to assign Rory and Lorelai a song of yours to be their theme songs. Which two songs would you choose?
Hahaha, this has got to be the best question anyone has ever asked me! It’s also a tough one, I had to think on it for a hot minute.
I’d say Lorelai is definitely a ‘Not Like The Movies’ gal, she didn’t have much luck with love before Luke so this track is perfect for her pre Luke life! Rory’s actually my least favourite character but I think her love story with Jess reminds me of one of my old songs ‘It Could Be Us.’ With all of the mixed signals and confusion, it’s the perfect song for them.

When you look back at the artist you were when you put out The Last Goodbye EP, what do you see as the biggest area of growth when compared to the artist you are now?
OMG, I am a COMPLETELY different person, honestly unrecognisable. I think the major difference musically is obviously the sound. I was still figuring out what kind of music felt like me as an artist, and I was just getting started in the industry, so I didn’t really know what I was doing. I’m so much more sure of myself now, and I’m unapologetically myself in every way.

What has it been like seeing the audience’s reaction to ‘Stop Fighting It?’
It’s been absolutely amazing! Every day I’m seeing more and more women using the sound in their TikTok’s where they’re feeling super confident and spicy. I also adore the fact that the queer community on TikTok has found the song and is using it too. This song was purposely made with no pronouns so that everyone could relate to it.

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Leading up to a release, what would you say are the main emotions you’re feeling? Is it relief or nerves?
For this release, it was a whole lot of nerves! I’m known as the queen of sad songs, and they’re the majority of my back catalogue. I hear a lot from industry people that you should stick with one “vibe” while building an audience, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this song being so out of left field. I ended up going with my gut with this release because it hasn’t steered me wrong yet, and it didn’t this time either. I wanted to show that while I ADORE sad songs and will continue to release them, I also have other sides to me.

Now that ‘Stop Fighting It’ is out into the world, what can fans expect next? What does the rest of 2023 look like for you?
There’s always new music, and I just finished production on the next single that I’m super excited to release. I also have some amazing shows coming up this year that I can’t wait to announce!

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