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New Music Weekly: Justus Bennetts, Gayle, And More!

New Music Weekly: Justus Bennetts, Gayle, And More!

..And we’re back! This week’s new music weekly is full of songs we want to cry to, dance to, and scream the words to! And so many debuts, you guys are in for quite the treat! Let’s jump right into it!

Early Eyes – Look Alive!

We are kicking off new music weekly in the best way we know-how, with a debut album! Early Eyes has just released Look Alive!, and its front-to-back eleven tracks of pure gold. This record is a mixed bag genre-wise, which keeps things sonically exciting for the listener. Our favorite track has to be ‘Halloween 18’ or ‘Somewhere Overgrown.’

Stream Look Alive! here!

Daisy Guttridge ft. Marc E. Bassy – ‘Skin’

Straight off Daisy’s upcoming EP, The Highs, ‘Skin’ is an absolute jam! The collaboration between Daisy Guttridge and Marc E. Bassy is one we didn’t even know we needed, but now we aren’t sure how we lived without it. We can already tell ‘Skin’ is going to be added to all of our playlists for a night out.

Stream ‘Skin’ here!

little luna – ‘under the wave’

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Think Florence and the Machine meets Phoebe Bridgers, and you’re almost at little luna. little luna is such a beautiful artist that looks within herself when creating, to bring this calming, indie-alt-pop dream sequence that is ‘under the wave’ to life.

Stream ‘under the wave’ here!

eee gee – Winning

We don’t have to tell you guys that here at New Music “weekly, we love eee gee!! We are ecstatic to tell you guys that we finally have her debut album, Winning. The record is fourteen tracks and we have listened to Winning from start to end, multiple times! From ‘Marathon City’ to our personal favorite ‘You Don’t Have To Tell Me It’s Over,’ we’re getting a masterclass in making music.

Stream Winning here!

Raquel Lily – ‘Ghost’

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Soul infused pop music? Sign us up! ‘Ghost’ is a heartbreaking tale, but the music is a bit more upbeat, making it so that you don’t have to be crying on your bathroom floor to fully immerse yourself in this track. And those visuals?! Absolutely unreal! They were shot in the Philippines and showcase the most visually pleasing pairings we’ve seen with a song in a long time.

Stream ‘Ghost’ here!

Filligar – Future Self

If you’re going to be gone for seven years, your comeback has to be on the same level as Future Self. Sorry, we don’t make the rules! This eleven-track record is all over the spectrum genre-wise, but that versatility makes for the group’s best work, in our opinion. Our favorite track has to be ‘The Fire in the Sun.’

Stream Future Self here!

Daimy Lotus – ‘Never Get Me’

Let us be crystal clear, Daimy Lotus is the moment. Her newest track ‘Never Get Me’ has unlocked a level of self-love and newfound confidence we have been desperately looking for. We are no longer letting anyone ruin our vibe! Everyone say thank you Daimy Lotus!

Stream ‘Never Get Me’ here!

RoseeLu – ‘Overthinking’

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RoseeLu is ‘Overthinking,’ and so are we! By our fifth time listening to this track in a row, we were screaming along to the words – perhaps we just feel the message a little too deeply. It’s always such an incredible thing to find a song you connect to on the level we do with ‘Overthinking.’ We already can tell RoseeLu is going to be a staple artist on our playlists.

Stream ‘Overthinking’ here!

April Jai – ‘It Ends With Us’

Our love for Colleen Hoover meets our love for incredible singer-songwriters in ‘It Ends With Us.’ April Jai took inspiration from the book by Colleen and created this masterpiece that had us ugly crying. We have yet to hear another artist take this approach after reading a book and falling in love with it, we definitely need more songs like this out there in the world.

Stream ‘It Ends With Us’ here!

Felix Jaehn ft. Calum Scott & The Stickmen Project – ‘Rain in Ibiza’

‘Rain in Ibiza’ marks Felix Jaehn’s first release in 2022 and what a way to kick off a new year! This track is absolutely what we’re looking for on new music weekly as we head into a spring/summer that is hopefully full of music festivals and endless dancing.

Stream ‘Rain in Ibiza’ here!

Justus Bennetts ft. Gayle – ‘Don’t Trip’

It’s no surprise that the pairing of Justus Bennetts and Gayle is a match made in musical heaven. We could easily indulge in an entire project of these two together. ‘Don’t Trip’ is a track that we needed to hear. The message of finally realizing that you’re tripping out about the things you can’t change and that you need to just chill is something that we all need to come to terms with, we will be happier in the long run.

Stream ‘Don’t Trip’ here!

Caitlin Jenkinson – ‘Poison’

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We’ve got a debut single here on New Music Weekly!!! And we couldn’t be happier about it! Caitlin Jenkinson is a name you’re about to be hearing a lot more of! After listening to ‘Poison’ we can perfectly see her killing it in the pop music scene – When someone has this much talent, it’s inevitable.

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Stream ‘Poison’ here!

Ashley Kutcher – ‘Love You More’

We worship the ground Ashley Kutcher walks on, that’s not news. She has an uncanny ability to make us feel emotions we’ve been repressing, we always get a good cry in. Her lyrics just hit different! Come on, “He’s all that I wanted, but you’re the one that I adore,” full-on tears!

Stream ‘Love You More’ here!

Lizzy McAlpine ft. Ben Kessler – ‘reckless driving’

Lizzy McAlpine is another artist who just gets it, much like Ashley Kutcher, she keeps us crying! This team-up with Ben Kessler, ‘reckless driver’ is so incredibly beautiful, and such an honest confession of feelings that are hard to admit. The back and forth really brings the lyrics to life.

Stream ‘reckless driving’ here!

Alexa Cappelli – Confused @ 22

Alexa Cappelli is about to explode onto the pop music scene and we are ready! She is an absolute star, that much is crystal clear. ‘broke & lonely’ is our new life anthem, we will be screaming these lyrics at the loudest volume possible until further notice.

Stream Confused @ 22 here!

Caroline Romano – Oddities and Prodigies

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Caroline Romano has been a longtime favorite of us here at The Honey POP, and she’s no stranger to New Music Weekly, but we finally have a debut album! Oddities and Prodigies perfectly encapsulates why we’ve gotten so hooked on Caroline’s music. Not only are her vocals killer, but her relationship with her pen never fails to blow us away. Our favorite track is ‘Perhaps It’s Mine.’

Stream Oddities and Prodigies here!

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off this week’s new music weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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