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New Music Weekly: Katy Perry & More!

New Music Weekly: Katy Perry & More!

It’s that time again! New Music Weekly is back! We have such an incredible roundup of singles, EP’s, and albums for you this week! From Katy Perry to Carlie Hanson, this is a stacked lineup!

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Jennie Harluk – ‘Be Your Friend’

Stream ‘Be Your Friend’ here!

Discovering new singer-songwriters is one of our ultimate hobbies, and discovering Jennie Harluk was like striking gold. ‘Be Your Friend’ is a raw look into the feeling you go through when you see an old flame before the spark is completely gone. It can be so heartbreaking, and Jennie does the best job at conveying that.

JC Stewart & Billen Ted – ‘24/7’

Stream ‘24/7’ here!

If you’re looking for a song that is just a damn good time, look no further than ‘24/7.’ Billen Ted and JC Stewart have made a track that we know we are going to be playing at every party once the world returns to normal.

eee gee – ‘Contraband’

Stream ‘Contraband’ here!

Everyone, you need to jump on board the eee gee train! We did our initial listen-through of ‘Contraband’ and then listened a solid hundred more times! The track is indie-moody perfection, you’re going to be hooked.

Arctic Lake – ‘Breathe’

Stream ‘Breathe’ here!

Arctic Lake are serving the most beautiful, calming vocals laid over the dreamy track. ‘Breathe’ is a perfect mix of a dance-indie-coffeehouse music, but we love that you can’t quite box the track into one genre. We’re looking forward to more Arctic Lake in this new year.

THE BRKN – ‘Coffee’

Stream ‘Coffee’ here!

Can we just say that ‘Coffee’ is one hundred percent in our top five songs for this entire month? The BRKN is killer! We are loving this seamless blend of a more indie sound with a pop-punk sound, this is a sub-genre we will be totally immersing ourselves in.

Saint Phnx – Happy Place

Stream Happy Place here!

SAINT PHNX has had us hooked with ‘Happy Place’ since the single first came out, which we covered in a previous new music weekly, now we have the EP! The title song is pure serotonin, it’s impossible not to be in the best mood when the chorus kicks in. And then you have ‘Peace,’ which has a more Americana, chilled out vibe, that we love!

Noa Kirel – ‘Thought About That’

Stream ‘Thought About That’ here!

‘Thought About That’ is exactly the energy we are all trying to bring post-breakup. You won’t get a sad breakup ballad, instead, you get a track from Noa Kirel that how much thriving is happening, we need to bottle up this energy and keep it with us forever.

Summer Years – You Can’t Live There Forever

Stream You Can’t Live There Forever here!

We will always eat up a new pop-punk project. If you’re anything like us, you have to check out the new Summer Years EP, You Can’t Live There Forever! We loved the entire project but have to say our standout song is ‘The Picture You Paint,’ which is the opening track.

Mae Mae – Gummy Heart Eyes

Stream Gummy Heart Eyes here!

Re-imaginations of songs we love are always a high-pressure situation because if you mess it up it feels boarder line disrespectful to the original artist. Mae Mae knocked the version of ‘Silly Love Songs’ off of the Gummy Heart Eyes EP out of the park! We love the entire project but had to give some love to this timeless song, ‘Apple Boy’ is also A-tier.

Clara Bond – Backtalker

Stream Backtalker here!

The Backtalker EP is going to be a favorite of this whole year for us, yes, we know that’s a big claim. Just trust us, give the project a listen and fall in love with Clara Bond! Our personal favorite tracks include the title track as well as ‘White Confetti.’

Carlie Hanson – ‘F*ck Your Labels’

Stream ‘F*ck Your Labels’ here!

Carlie Hanson has never missed. It’s that simple. We can hardly wait for her debut album, Tough Boy, which will be out on February 18th!! If ‘F*ck Your Labels’ is any indication of how we will feel about this record, we’re in for quite the street!

Alesso & Katy Perry – ‘When I’m Gone’

Stream ‘When I’m Gone’ here!

Alesso and Katy Perry are a match made in pop music heaven. It’s no surprise that both these artists are pillars in the industry and that everything they touch is gold, so of course, we love ‘When I’m Gone.’ We are good and ready for a new Katy Perry era!

Valley – Last Birthday (The Afterparty)

Stream Last Birthday ( The Afterparty) here!

We are forever fans of Valley, let’s get that fact out of the way. With every project, they put out we just keep thinking it can’t get better, and then, of course, it does. Valley’s newest EP, Last Birthday (The Afterparty), which is a follow to their album, Last Birthday, blew us away. Our personal favorite on the record, ‘Paper Cup (sorry for myself)’ is staying on constant repeat.

Martin Jensen & Cheat Codes & Theresa Rex – ‘Running’

Stream ‘Running’ here!

As we get back into festival season ‘Running’ is the absolute perfect track. We can picture this song blasting through EDC in Las Vegas as we’re having the time of our lives, we need to experience this ASAP. This mix of artists was absolutely genius. We always love to add some dance music to our new music weekly articles.

See Also

Tai Verdes – ‘LAst dAy oN EaRTh’

Stream ‘LAst dAy oN EaRTh’ here!

We completely fell in love with Tai Verdes through finding his music on TikTok, and now we get to jam out to incredible songs of his like ‘LAst dAy oN EaRTh.’ We’re so blown away at the talent that exists within this one person, we hope 2022 is stacked with more music!

Laundry Day – ‘Did You Sleep Last Night?’

Stream ‘Did You Sleep Last Night?’ here!

Laundry Day is our newest obsession. Their sound is so unique and such a twist on the alternative genre! With ‘Did You Sleep Last Night?’ they teased us the perfect amount for what we can expect from their upcoming album, We Switched Bodies, which we can listen to on February 11th!

Cavetown – squares / y 13

Stream squares / y 13 here!

If you’re looking for some of the most unique work currently being put out look no further than Cavetown! Cavetown recently put out a collection of two tracks, squares / y 13, that are both inspired by the videogame Minecraft. Cavetown found a safe space within the world of Minecraft over the last year, its beautiful to see how that has come across in this form of art.

Caleb Hyles – In One Breath

Stream In One Breath here!

Anytime we see an artist come from YouTube we are automatically rooting for them, seeing the crossover that happens and the boundaries that traditional media exists in to be broken, makes our hearts so happy. Caleb Hyles is breaking those boundaries like artists before him with his album In One Breath. Our favorite track has to be ‘I’ll Name Her Song.’

Ai Bendr – ‘I Never Learn’

Stream ‘I Never Learn’ here!

We can not get enough of Ai Bendr! Ever since we heard ‘Love Me Low’ on Euphoria we knew she was going to have such a long career in this business. With every song since then we’ve been blown away, and ‘I Never Learn’ continues that streak. It’s such a frustrating thing to find yourself in a toxic cycle, this track perfectly describes that feeling.

Ashlyn Marie – ‘Blind Horse Blues’

Stream ‘Blind Horse Blues’ here!

We are covering two things we love right here, debut singles and a little country flair that every new music weekly needs! Ashlyn Marie has broken onto the scene with ‘Blind Horse Blues’ and we can already see her being right up there with the best of them in country music, this track has all the elements of a perfect country song.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track on this week’s new music weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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