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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan SEVENTEEN

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan SEVENTEEN

You shouldn’t be missing SEVENTEEN… The thirteen-member group has a lot to offer, literally. Spending almost seven years in the industry, we know that they are already way above being professional on stage. As soon as SEVENTEEN debuted, they started making waves in the K-Pop scene. Not to mention their plethora of all-time records under their name. There are countless reasons why we love this one-of-a-kind group, but this time, let’s narrow it to five!

Their Timeless And Near-Perfect Music

Remember ‘Adore U?’ That is SEVENTEEN’s debut single, who knew that it actually will mark the group’s career lunch, and will eventually make them lead the K-Pop scene? The group’s versatility when it comes to music is just chef’s kiss. I’m sure you have heard at least one of their tunes, maybe ‘Don’t Wanna Cry,’ ‘Clap,’ or their recently released track ‘Rock with you’… and I’m sure you have fallen in love, right? Because everyone does! SEVENTEEN has great tunes of many styles, and they’re all near-perfect. Oh, let’s not forget they also have a perfect sounding Japanese discography – give their recently released winter feel-good track ‘あいのちから (Power of Love)’ a listen!

13 Members With Flawless And Synchronized Moves

The ”S” in SEVENTEEN stands for Synchronized – there is no denying the fact that they are one of the most synchronized groups ever. If there is this one reason to stan them, it’s definitely for their performances. Have you watched SEVENTEEN perform? Once they step on the stage, the spotlight is theirs. From the hand movements to foot stomps, they’re so satisfying to watch! Their performances are jaw-dropping and show-stopping, they also have top-class choreographies, and their stage aura is no joke – it’s a dream to be able to watch them perform live.

Self-Producing Artists

SEVENTEEN are known for producing their own music, and yes they’ve earned the “self-producing idols” title. Most (or should we say all…) of the group’s releases had the participation of the members themselves, notably Woozi. Woozi is a well-known world-class producer as he has been working and being involved in the creative process in creating masterpieces ever since his debut along with the singer-songwriter and producer Bumzu. Do you know that Woozi is the leader of the vocal team, composer, lyricist, producer, and the lead vocalist of SEVENTEEN? He’s got it all! From the group’s debut album 17 Carat up until their latest album Rock with you, Woozi has participated for almost seven years in making music, and still counting. Also, Woozi has recently released his solo English-language mixtape ‘Ruby,’ and…you got it right! He participated in making that gem.

A Group With Overflowing Multifaceted Talents

Okay, so… Aside from being the “self-producing idols,” SEVENTEEN is a group full of multi-talented artists. “T” in SEVENTEEN stands for talented. All thirteen members are all-rounders, and that’s a fact. From showing off their writing skills to producing masterpieces, from their powerful vocals to their head-turning dance moves, from making their songs to their choreographies, they have everything you can expect from a K-Pop group – and that’s why they are considered as “gems” in the music industry. SEVENTEEN is composed of three units: the vocal team which is led by Woozi, the hip-hop team which is led by S.Coups, and the performance team which has Hoshi as their leader. This group is worth stanning because they are all-in-one.

They Will Give You All The Content You Need

You’re right! they spoil CARATs so much, and their fans couldn’t ask for more. Releasing full-group music is the content most Korean pop groups give to their fans, but that isn’t enough for SEVENTEEN! The group’s variety show Going Seventeen a.k.a. GoSe definitely is a top-tier idol variety show that gives an emotional rollercoaster ride to fans. The variety series started in 2017 and is free to watch, and it airs weekly up until now – GoSe will celebrate its 5th anniversary this year in June! It will make you laugh or even cry, GoSe is CARATs’ stress reliever and therapy especially at this time, you’ll absolutely enjoy binge-watching its episodes!

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It’s better late than never, SEVENTEEN’s music, talents, visuals, and personalities are just one of the few reasons why you should stan them. It’s the perfect time to stan SEVENTEEN – you’ll never regret it ever.

Are you already a fan of SEVENTEEN? Great! We know it must be hard for you to pick, but what is your favorite song of theirs? Let us know in the comment section below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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