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5 Reasons Why GAYLE Deserves To Be A Superstar

5 Reasons Why GAYLE Deserves To Be A Superstar

Every day that passes by, we fall more and more in love with GAYLE and her music while frustratedly questioning how she’s not on every music fans’ stan list yet. From hits like ‘abcdefu’ to underrated gems like ‘z,’ she brings a unique shine to every song she writes, and we can’t get enough of her work. But, aside from that, we simply love her as a person! Here are five reasons why we think GAYLE deserves to be a household name.

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She Constantly Gives Us Bangers

It feels like everyone and their moms have been listening to ‘abcdefu’ since it blew up, and lots of music fans were eager to see what else GAYLE had up her sleeve, with skeptics wondering if she’d just become a one-hit-wonder. She proved them wrong with her follow-up single ‘ur just horny,’ a pop-rock anthem about realizing someone was pretending to be friends with her just to make a move. It has the same confident vibes as ‘abcdefu’ while also standing apart as its own masterpiece. We can’t wait to add it to all our playlists.

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‘ur just horny’ is about the time I crossed the line in a friendship that I thought was platonic for years. After crossing the line I noticed that they started treating me differently – they weren’t as nice and outgoing, and honestly, I couldn’t recognize them anymore. I started catching them in little lies and my mind couldn’t help but wonder what else they’ve lied to me about before. Writing ‘ur just horny’ for me was coming to that realization that they didn’t want to be my friend, they just wanted to get into my pants – and that hurt. It’s hard to separate platonic, romantic, and sexual feelings, and sometimes in friendships the lines can get blurry.


She Appreciates Her Fans

After seeing ‘abcdefu’ especially resonate with fans on TikTok, GAYLE jumped into action to show her love for her supporters with a special music video! The video compiles dozens of different videos fans made using the song, and it’s such a fun celebration of how far she’s come. Social media lets us connect to artists now more than ever, and GAYLE knows just how to use that to her advantage, both when it comes to promo and when it comes to showing her appreciation for everyone who loves her music.

She’s Incredibly Sweet

In addition to her love for her fans, GAYLE is just a sweet person all around. We got to talk to her all about ‘abcdefu’ and signing with Atlantic Records in September 2021, and she was one of the kindest people to connect with. It made us love her even more and made us even more pumped to see what’s next for her!

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Image Source: GAYLE on GIPHY

She Knows How To Put On A Performance

Since GAYLE started gaining traction during the pandemic, she hasn’t played many shows. But she’s already an expert at commanding a stage! And if you don’t wanna take our word for it, just ask AJR and Tate McRae, who chose her as a supporting act for their 2022 tours. The proof is also right in her energetic Nashville show vlog:

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She’s Just Like Us

GAYLE is one of the most relatable stars out there, often making funny TikToks and vlogs like this one, where she tries to recreate a Megan Fox look and has a hilarious run-in with someone who questions why she’s buying kids’ clothes. And just like us, she loves artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Sasha Alex Sloan, and Mac Miller. What’s not to adore?

What are your favorite things about GAYLE? Do you have a favorite song of hers? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more fun 5 Reasons Why articles, click here.

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Image Source: GAYLE on GIPHY


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