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New Music Weekly: QUIETLOVE, Carlie Hanson, And More!

New Music Weekly: QUIETLOVE, Carlie Hanson, And More!

The rumors are true! We are back again for another New Music Weekly! And this bunch is sure to introduce you to some new favorites! We have had these songs on a constant rotation and simply can’t get enough!

Mae Krell – imposter syndrome

Mae Krell has the most beautiful, soft voice, which is laid out throughout the entirety of imposter syndrome. All four tracks are vulnerable, incredible tracks, but we have to give the title of our favorite track to ‘rest stop.’

Stream imposter syndrome here!

QUIETLOVE – ‘Not Ready To Go’

We just adore QUIETLOVE and are so incredibly ready to see what a massive year he’s going to have in 2022. ‘Not Ready To Go,’ his newest single, is such a killer pop track. You’re going to have it on a constant repeat, trust us! We are just witnessing the beginning of what we are going to see from QUIETLOVE.

Stream ‘Not Ready To Go’ here!

Jay Alan – ‘Lovesick’ ft. Alexa Wilhelm

Oh my god! Jay Alan is out here making the perfect pop song to come out during this month of love. The way his voice goes so beautifully with Alexa’s makes for one of our favorite collaborations we’ve got to cover on New Music Weekly!

Stream ‘Lovesick’ here!

Aiyana-Lee – Wednesday’s Child (Side A)

Get ready to fall completely in love with Aiyana-Lee after diving into this project! This makes for a debut project from Aiyana-Lee and we will get the completed album Wednesday’s Child, later this year. Out of all the seven tracks (which are all incredibly beautiful), ‘Rich Kids’ is the one we keep circling back to.

Stream Wednesday’s Child (Side A) here!

Zolita – ‘Single in September’

If you haven’t heard of Zolita, we highly recommend a discography deep-dive! ‘Single in September’ is a part of a trilogy Zolita is doing, which we think is such a genius way to tie a story together. If you love artists like FLETCHER or Olivia O’Brien, we definitely think you’ll love Zolita as much as we do!

Stream ‘Single in September’ here!

Katy Perry & Alesso – ‘When I’m Gone’ (VIP Mix)

Katy Perry and Alesso on the same track, as we’ve discussed before, is absolute perfection. So how do you make that even better? You turn the track into the ultimate party track by remixing it, of course! That is exactly what these two have done with ‘When I’m Gone’ (VIP Mix).

Stream ‘When I’m Gone’ (VIP Mix) here!

Sara Kays – ‘When You Look At Me’

Sara Kays is an artist we found on TikTok and instantly connected with. She just gets how to put emotions that we feel so alone in, into words that make us feel less alone. ‘When You Look At Me’ is a perfect example of that. The track is a question of wondering if things are still the same, if a person you think the world of still sees what they once did in you. It’s both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Also! Sara is joining one of our absolute favorites on tour this spring, Alec Benjamin! That’s huge!

Stream ‘When You Look At Me’ here!

Asa – ‘Ocean’

Asa is an artist who’s beautifully meshing genres to create something as peaceful and stunning as ‘Ocean.’ ‘Ocean’ is a piece of her album V (Five), which will be out on February 25th. We can hardly wait to dive into that whole project, as we already know we will be deeply inspired and moved by the talent that exists in this one person.

Stream ‘Ocean’ here!

Quinton Griggs – ‘Crazy Devotion’

Quinton Griggs doing his part in reviving punk? We’re more than here for it! ‘Crazy Devotion’ is a partnership with Pete Wentz, who of course has helped rule this music scene for years. This track is absolutely a smash, but we have to say, that chorus is the best part. It’s so heavy and takes us back to early Fall Out Boy tracks for sure.

Stream ‘Crazy Devotion’ here!

Ambar Lucid – ‘Dead Leaves’

Man, Ambar Lucid has such an incredibly unique, stunning voice. We honestly got full-body chills listening to ‘Dead Leaves.’ The seamless transition between English and Spanish makes for such a peaceful listening experience – you almost don’t even notice because you’re so lost in what a beautiful track you are listening to. Music transcends language, that much is clear.

Stream ‘Dead Leaves’ here!

Louis the Child – ‘Blow The Roof’

Louis the Child has never missed, ever. If you are doubting that statement, listen to ‘Blow The Roof,’ which we are saying right now is going to be the soundtrack to all of the late-night summer shenanigans we are bound to get into. The vibes of ‘Blow The Roof’ are beyond perfect, and we are personally responsible for at least half of the streams on this track.

Stream ‘Blow The Roof’ here!

Benson Boone – ‘ROOM FOR 2’

Benson Boone is kicking off his 2022 with the banger that is ‘ROOM FOR 2.’ We are always down for a love song that makes us want to dance around our rooms on New Music Weekly, and this is certainly that track! We can hardly believe this is only the second song we are getting from Benson Boone.

Stream ‘ROOM FOR 2’ here!

Carlie Hanson – Tough Boy

Carlie Hanson is a star that shines so bright, and that we could go on for hours about. Her debut album, Tough Boy, is out now, and we are floored by what an honest, genre-bending project it is. Every song further convinces us that Carlie Hanson is going to be a name we’re hearing about for a very long time. Our stand-out track has to be ‘Girls in Line for the Bathroom.’

Stream Tough Boy here!

See Also

Maude Latour – ‘Headphones’

Maude Latour has been a staple in our listening rotation since releasing ‘Block Your Number.’ So, of course, we remain unsurprised that ‘Headphones’ is the bop that it is. Maude Latour deserves main pop girl status, she’s that good.

Stream ‘Headphones’ here!

Lukas Graham – ‘All of it All’

We worship the ground Lukas Graham walks on, let’s be real. Everything he releases shows his growth and his passion for his craft – he just keeps getting better. ‘All of it All’ sounds unlike anything we’ve gotten from him thus far, and has some of the coolest vocal moments we’ve heard from him.

Stream ‘All of it All’ here!

Alexx Bean – ‘Castles’ (Acoustic)

‘Castles’ has been a track we’ve not been able to turn off since we first listened to it. It’s a solid pop-punk track that takes us right back to the days of teenage angst. It makes perfect sense that the next natural progression would be an acoustic styling of ‘Castles.’ This rendition showcases what a killer voice Alexx Bean has!

Stream ‘Castles’ here!

Heart of Gold – ‘Bright Lights’

‘Bright Lights’ feels like the perfect song to blast while driving around at night! Those songs have a special place in our hearts and every New Music Weekly needs at least one track to add to that playlist! We know this one is going to be on heavy rotation – Heart of Gold has gained fans in us!

Stream ‘Bright Lights’ here!

Sophie Powers – ‘U Love It’

‘U Love This’ is the self-love anthem. The track is the ultimate pick me up, which is exactly what we all need in a world that can be so dark. Sophie Powers has come into our musical realm at the perfect time and now we can’t get enough!

Not saying I’m confident 24/7, but when I do feel good or want to feel better about myself, this song would be the first one I would play

Sophie Powers on ‘U Love It’

Stream ‘U Love It’ here!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track on this week’s new music weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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