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Exclusive Interview: QUIETLOVE Talks All Things ‘No Feelings’

Exclusive Interview: QUIETLOVE Talks All Things ‘No Feelings’

You know that feeling when you find an artist that you’re just automatically hooked on? That’s how we felt with QUIETLOVE. He departed on his solo journey with ‘The Dream,’ and is now blessing all of our ears with ‘No Feelings.’ We were lucky enough to get to chat with QUIETLOVE about his newest track and so much more! We chatted about the Toronto music scene and all of his current music obsessions!

We think you guys are going to fall completely in love with QUIETLOVE! His voice is so incredible and he has such a long career in front of him! We hope you guys love this interview as much as we do!

Stream ‘No Feelings’ here!

Image Source: Courtesy of QUIETLOVE

Toronto has such an incredible music scene and is the home to some of the greatest all-time musicians, what was it like growing up in that space?
I’m originally from a city about an hour or so outside the GTA called Hamilton and grew up there most of my life. I moved to Toronto back in 2018 to pursue music. Since living here, the energy this city brings me is absolutely surreal. I’ve always been so inspired here. Everyone you meet – is hustling.

What can you tell us about the inspiration behind ‘No Feelings?’
I wanted to write about the nuances of a new relationship. Sometimes keeping it casual can cause friction when feelings are involved, and that’s kinda what sparked this song.

The pandemic was so hard on the music industry, do you think the isolation of it all helped with your creative process?
Totally! I can be a bit of an introvert at times, so that part wasn’t so bad for me. It allowed me the space and time to be present with myself and experiment a little. I honestly think weirdly, if the pandemic hadn’t happened – there would be no QUIETLOVE.

Your track ‘The Dream’ was our first look into who you are as an artist, what was it like having that piece of yourself out into the world?
Vulnerability at its finest, to be honest. ‘The Dream’ is such a personal song for me, and it really felt like the perfect introduction to who I am as an artist.

Image Source: Kishan Mistry

We know you took the 30-day class with Charlie Puth, we’ve covered a few artists now that credit that class for being such a huge source of knowledge for them, what did you take from it? You’ve done your research! Love that. I really enjoyed his class – super informative and helpful to see his process. Definitely took a few tips and tricks from him, highly recommended it if you’re just starting out in the realms of production/songwriting.

When you finished writing ‘The Dream’ what about that track made you sure you wanted it to be your debut? And same with ‘No Feelings,’ how did you know it was the perfect track to follow up ‘The Dream?’ ‘The Dream’ was about the hustle. The not-so-great parts of chasing your dreams. I feel like it showcased where I’ve come from. I’m a new artist, but I’ve been around the block a few times so to speak. But, to be honest, you never really KNOW. You’ve just gotta take a chance and put your art into the world, however, it’s received isn’t really up to you.

What can you tell us about making the music video for ‘No Feelings?’ How long did the process take? It was a simple concept but definitely took a few tries to get right. We wanted to do a one-take video, riding a bike in the suburbs – you know, ~summer vibes~. But, there were so many external factors like cars, pedestrians, losing sunlight, etc. I think we managed to get what we needed in 4-5 takes.

When thinking about music that is currently inspiring and enticing you, what comes to your mind? I’ve been really into Verzache lately. He’s also an artist from Toronto and produces his own songs, which has always been so inspiring to me. Jesse Gold is another up-and-comer to watch – the dude is insanely talented and just dropped his first EP.

How long was the writing process for ‘No Feelings?’
Pretty quick, actually. I think I had the initial beat and verse/chorus down in an hour or so. That’s usually a good sign, haha.

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Image Source: Kishan Mistry

‘No Feelings’ is all about a relationship that ended, is that based on a real-life situation? Or just an idea that you ran with?
Real-life! It was just after a relationship I was in went sour – I knew it would be relatable.

What can fans look forward to in the next few months?
More music, content, honestly just more of me in general. This is just the beginning. 🙂

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Featured Image Source: Kishan Mistry & Andreea Fărcaș For The Honey POP Graphics Team

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