‘Vamos’ Because Omega X Is Here

‘Vamos’ Because Omega X Is Here

The long wait is over! The 11-member group Omega X finally made their debut, and ‘Vamos’ couldn’t be cooler! We had been counting down the days until the group’s official debut would drop and now that it is here, we can’t stop replaying the video and album! Make sure to stream and watch the music video below, as the choreography for ‘Vamos’ blew our minds!

‘Vamos’ is a hard-hitting title track with solid beats and hip-hop elements that had us out of our seats from the first note. What a banger to start your career with! As Omega X consists of members from disbanded and inactive groups, ‘Vamos’ marks their new chance at a new beginning, and it is a great one. We are excited about what is to come and all those sweet music show stages!

The mini-album Vamos includes, besides the title, four more tracks. Since the entire album deals with the members’ feelings and excitement for their new start and wishes for fans to follow them on this new journey, the album is extra special. We can only wonder what these eleven boys have gone through on their individual journeys from trainee life to debut and to this re-debut.

Here Is To New Beginnings

The album opens with the intro ‘OX Win Ha!,’ which introduces us to the rookies’ unique worldview. We may have replayed this a couple of times, feeling like we are in some superhero movie. No regrets.

Omega X Vamos Concept photo
Image Source:Spire Entertainment

After the bombastic title track ‘Vamos,’ we are hit with the charming ‘Ice Tag,’ which has been stuck in our heads ever since we first listened to it. The kitschy song is followed up by the hard-hitting EDM track ‘Omega X,’ which gives us a taste of who Omega X is as a group. And we are loving what we are hearing!

The album closes with the fantastic ‘Younger,’ which the boys dedicated to their fans. Not only does this song sound super sweet and gives us a glimpse at the group’s vocal abilities, but it is also our personal favorite on the album. Omega X can do it all!

Now, while we continue to bop to ‘Vamos’ and the rest of this excellent debut mini-album, we think it is time for you to join us. Each member of Omega X is slowly but surely stealing a piece of our hearts, and they deserve all the love and support. ‘Vamos!’

So, what do you think about ‘Vamos?’ What’s your favorite song on the debut album? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Spire Entertainment

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