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Lizzy McAlpine Breaks Hearts With Her ‘ceilings’ Music Video

Lizzy McAlpine Breaks Hearts With Her ‘ceilings’ Music Video

Lizzy Mcalpine releases the music video for Ceilings

To call Lizzy McAlpine an up-and-coming artist would be a disservice because she’s here, and she’s already completely taken over. With her new music video for ‘ceilings,’ Lizzy McAlpine is a force to be reckoned with.

But in case you haven’t heard of her just yet … The 23-year-old American singer released her debut EP, Indigo, in 2018, which has consequently been taken off of streaming platforms but is still available for all your listening needs on Soundcloud. We were graced with Lizzy’s debut album, Give Me A Minute, in 2020, the When the World Stopped Moving: The Live EP in 2021, and her official second album, five seconds flat, in 2022 … an intense 4 years for Lizzy.

five seconds flat

five seconds flat covers a range of topics from love to heartbreak to loss. Lizzy doesn’t hold back on this album, and we’re eternally grateful for it. To accompany this album, Lizzy took the time to create five seconds flat, the film. The short film guides us through the stories of the album, backed by all four collaboration tracks – ‘erase me’ with Jacob Collier, ‘reckless driving‘ with Ben Kessler, ‘weird’ with Laura Elliot, and lastly, ‘hate to be lame’ with the one and only FINNEAS. We’re unsure how to listen to albums now without short films!

Watch five seconds flat, the film, here!

Lizzy McAlpine's 2nd album, five seconds flat, alongside track 8, ceilings
Image Source: Courtesy of Sacks & Co

Officially taking the place as Lizzy’s most popular song, track 8, ‘ceilings,’ is all things relatable, heartbreaking, and heavenly. If there is one thing about Lizzy, she’s able to create an experience through the stories she’s telling. Written entirely by Lizzy, she expresses those hopeless romantic thoughts and feelings after meeting someone for the first time and daydreaming about a future with them, altering their personality to fit your daydreams … #relatable.

But it’s not real / And you don’t exist / And I can’t recall the last time I was kissed / It hits me in the car / And it feels like the end of a movie I’ve seen before.

Stream ‘ceilings’ and five seconds flat here!

‘ceilings’ Music Video

Lizzy’s daydream is brought to life by Gus Black (also the director of her short film and the ‘doomsday’ music video). Which also, as titled by Lizzy in an Instagram post, is a “hard launch” and we’re well and truly obsessed.

If you’re a frequent watcher of a Lizzy McAlpine video, you know to expect a storyline, incredible visuals, and to be incredibly jealous of Lizzy’s closet, and this video, of course, has all those things.

From the first glance at a party, we’re transported into Lizzy’s idealization of this boy and their relationship. Lizzy and her partner express all the innocent and gentle representations of a relationship until the bridge, where both we and Lizzy are reminded this isn’t real; it’s all in her head. The video ends with Lizzy being introduced to this boy, ending the romanticized daydream, but now she has the chance for something better…

The End Of The Movie Tour

If you are lucky enough to be hearing about Lizzy on the brink of her shooting off to superstardom, then you have to grab a ticket to her 2023 tour … it’s a must!

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Grab your tickets here!

How many fake romantic scenarios have you created since hearing ‘ceilings?’ Let us know over on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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