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Inspired By Lewis Capaldi’s TikTok Promoting How I’m Feeling Now, We Fan Cast Him In Various Netflix Roles!

Inspired By Lewis Capaldi’s TikTok Promoting How I’m Feeling Now, We Fan Cast Him In Various Netflix Roles!

It’s safe to say Lewis Capaldi isn’t our typical musician. By that, we mean by blindly pointing towards a TikTok frame, there’d surely be some comedic anecdote that wouldn’t make its way past his handlers. Still, it does. In this case, our finger would slide onto a video that starts with Lewis spinning around like the regal debutante he would be in a previous lifetime, Bridgerton showcased above in the show’s font style. As we go through the video, the shows begin to change. He adapts to the vibe of each one by cosplaying its characters. The last frame reveals his special partnership with Netflix for his documentary. Lewis Capaldi’s How I’m Feeling Now is coming out on April 5th!


I’ve made a NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY!!! it’s called ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ and comes out 🌍 on April 5th! pretty terrified for everyone to see this if I’m quite honest, but I’m so so proud of it ❤️ x #netflix #lewiscapaldi

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Although entirely out of the box for advertising, and we think he’s a genius, we wanted to explore this idea a little more. For example, which character would he play in a hypothetical switcharoo with the other actor? It’s all well and good to see him in a sleeked black wig and dress to match as Wednesday, but is he really giving Jenna Ortega a day off? Or is there someone else who should be streaming ‘Pointless’ right now as a thank-you? Let’s find out, and then Lewis can use those acting chops to send in a home tape. 

Orange Is The New Black

We think Lewis Capaldi would agree with us that no matter how fictional the situation gets, there would be no way he would survive prison. Maybe it has something to do with his mother still doing his washing, being on “fame level 9000,” or on a serious note, he wouldn’t have us in there to help him out. But in the world of Orange Is The New Black, he’d be the new Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, as they’re both just a tad unhinged, and that’s okay.

Squid Games

We’re kinda but not really sorry about this one because you, too, will agree that Lewis would just take the role of Oh Il-nam to new heights! Can you imagine him in the games themselves? We want him alive and well, so even if it were possible, we wouldn’t make it an actual thing. But just speculate for a minute what his moves would be during a round of Red Light, Green Light, with the added layer of being much older than he is currently. 


Tossing Lewis into the heap of Bridgerton brothers, he’d obviously be the most handsome out of the lot. However, he would also have some stiff competition with Colin, with whom he shares personality traits and, therefore, will be the character we’d love to see him play. They’re both witty but also idealistic. Maybe it does take some time for Colin to warm up to the idea of Penelope. When he does, he’s fixated on her. Lewis shares the same glow for romanticism through some of the love songs he writes, and funny stabs at himself during his singlehood, wishing to experience a great love once again.


Despite how his pen leans toward the melancholy strokes of a sad ballad, Lewis is undoubtedly a person who would bring good times during a night out. Whether it’s letting you be comfortable through having no problem making a fool out of himself, or his obvious love language of touch, we’d be pulling in for a hug at some point. He’s the very definition of a “comfort celebrity.” Well, that title, at least the first part, also goes to this rainbow-enthused Wednesday character, Enid Sinclair. Sure, she’s a werewolf and now also knows how to claw out, but she’s also incredibly loyal, and therefore we think it’s only right that Lewis swaps that black wig for something a bit more blonde. 

How I’m Feeling Now

It’s not Lewis Capaldi without his touch of humor, but the actual How I’m Feeling Now documentary itself seems to ground itself in self-reflection, coming home to his family and friends after the success of his debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent in order to make its follow-up. It poses the same sort of feeling as a 10-year high school graduation. While not as much time has passed, we’re talking a few short years here, all filmed; by the way, as the camera operators grew to know him intimately, the circumstances around him have so massively shifted that it still feels coming of age.

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The documentary is co-financed by Quickfire and Lewis’ global music publisher, BMG, who also serves as an executive producer alongside Independent Entertainment. 

While we spend time waiting for Lewis Capaldi’s How I’m Feeling Now, is there another Netflix show you think Lewis would make a perfect addition for? Let us know through our Twitter, and follow along on our Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates on his upcoming album, Broken by Desire to be Heavenly Sent, out on May 19. 


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