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Exclusive Interview: NiNi x, Going ‘Round and Round’ To Find Inspiration In The Darkest Moments

Exclusive Interview: NiNi x, Going ‘Round and Round’ To Find Inspiration In The Darkest Moments

Sometimes music just speaks to us. And that’s exactly why NiNi x’s ‘Round and Round’ is on repeat lately. Like us, NiNi x connects to music on a deeper level. Seeing it as more than an art form, but a way to release emotions and gain clarity, their exploration of deeper topics fuels their songwriting skills.


Refusing to fit into a genre mold, NiNi x has compiled a discography of experimental songs like ‘Champagne’ and the sequel to ‘Round and Round,’ as well as a multitude of collaborations, as they prepare for their debut EP. And if it’s anything like what we’ve heard so far, it’s going to be a banger!

Take a deep dive into all things NiNi x with this exclusive interview into the influences that drive their music, their lyrics, and what we can look forward to in the next year!

You started songwriting for fun, and it turned into an almost therapeutic outlet. Can you tell us when you found a love for music and take us through the journey you’ve been on that led to ‘Champagne’ and ‘Round and Round?’
I fell in love with music as early as I can remember, since I was little, I was always singing along to every song on the radio, eventually, I started learning guitar as a part of my school music course. This developed into concerts and performances I did through my schooling. During the height of the pandemic, I was massively inspired by “Corpse” who always mentioned how he made music from his room. This gave me the drive to start making music from my room too. ‘Champagne’ was an experimental song I created where I fried my vocals and rapped over the beat (similar to how Corpse makes their songs) however I wanted to be a little bit different and messaged a friend of mine, “PAZ” who wrote the guitar for the song.
When I started college (where I met Cyber Hell) I went in for a games design course however, I realized after my first year my heart truly wasn’t into making games, at the first opportunity we got, me and Cyber Hell locked ourselves inside a room with a mic and a laptop where we began to experiment with our sound and writing style. This was where the real NiNi x was born, after writing songs like ‘Round and Round’ & ‘Bring Me Down’ in that tiny little room.

You’ve described yourself as not limiting yourself to genres. What is one recent influence that would surprise your fans?
One of my most recent and equally surprising influences is Killstation, I love their cadence and vocal ability, not to mention their ability to make you feel everything they’re feeling. Matching their energy has been something I’ve been aspiring for in my upcoming songs.

Where do you usually find inspiration when writing? Can you share what a typical songwriting session looks like for you?
Inspiration has always been hard for me when I’m at my happiest, when I’m struggling with my emotions and how to express myself, that’s when my songs take shape.

Lyrically, you explore deep topics, does putting those thoughts into words help you push past your own struggles?
Writing about deep and dark topics definitely helps me push past my own struggles, writing has always given me a way to put the thoughts I couldn’t quite find the confidence to speak out with, into something creative that can help others.

Many turn to music as a form of therapy, especially when they’re going through difficult times. Has music played a similar role in your life, and if so, how and who are your go-to artists?
Music has always helped me get through my darkest times, Artists like Kim Dracula, Killstation & Yungblud have always helped me with their creative ability to express their struggles.

Your song ‘Round and Round’ refers to those who joke about mental health issues. In your opinion, how can society better support individuals who are struggling with those issues?
Society is full of hatred and division, when we learn to show compassion for those around us, no matter their race, religion, ethnicity, or beliefs, the world will slowly heal.

Your lyrics are super relatable. We’re currently stuck on the beginning of ‘Round and Round,’ “I’m so sick of going round and round.” You mention how during the pandemic, you, like so many of us, felt hopeless and stuck in this endless cycle. Even as the pandemic slows down, we can’t help but feel the cycle repeating in other ways. Do you feel we’re just repeating cycles indefinitely, or have you found a silver lining to pull you onto your own path? If so, can you share what that was for you?
Life always feels like a continuous loop, history is always doomed to repeat itself. Some days I feel like I’m still back at my worst, wondering if things will ever get better but every day I strive to be the best version of myself no matter how many times life throws you to the ground.

The sequel to ‘Round and Round,’ ‘Crown,’ plays on the lyrics of the first track. “I was so sick of going round and round, Till’ the walls fell down in this desolate town.” What sparked the inspiration for the sequel, and did you purposely decide to have this track be a solo endeavor?
The idea for a sequel to ‘Round and Round’ was always an idea I toyed with all the way back during the writing process of ‘Round and Round.’ After its success, I just knew I had to release a sequel, but this time a little more heavy.

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You have some pretty awesome features in your discography, has working with other artists given you any useful tips or tricks to help you continue to elevate your music?
Meeting other artists has been an absolute blessing, hearing their stories and inspiration always helps me continue my journey, I still keep in contact with everybody I’ve worked with, and they are always there as a nice net to give me advice and ideas about a song.

What can fans look forward to from NiNi x this year?
I’ve been working tirelessly on my Debut EP. Themed around the struggles I explored in ‘Round and Round. Watch out for more info 😉

We love when artists express their inner thought through their lyricism and we can not wait for NiNi x’s debut EP! Until then, we’ll be crying and screaming the lyrics of ‘Round and Round’ to the void. What is your favorite lyric in ‘Round and Round?’ Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook!

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