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5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From phem’s ‘slippery slope’

5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From phem’s ‘slippery slope’

We’re warning you: once you listen to phem, it’s a ‘slippery slope’ to completely stanning her! Ever since we heard their voice for the first time, phem has absolutely wowed us with the unapologetically vulnerable emotions and touching lyrics in their songs. The latest addition to the phem Musical Universe, ‘slippery slope,’ is no different. The track is a look back at everything phem has pushed through to become the alt-pop superstar we know now, bringing her signature energy and clever lyrics to a whole new level. 

Speaking of the lyrics on ‘slippery slope,’ there are so many that we just can’t stop thinking about. So check out the song below, then let’s discuss some of our faves!

“You should read my diary…”

From classics like ‘PRSCO’ to more recent fan faves like ‘brkdwn,’ phem’s songs feel so diaristic that this lyric almost feels like a thesis statement for their work! When you listen to one of her songs, you feel like you’re sitting in phem’s living room rummaging through old journals and having a conversation about life, and that’s especially true for ‘slippery slope,’ thanks to the storyline and raw feelings in the lyrics.

“Used to work at mini-malls just so I could make some songs…”

We always love a good underdog story, especially when it comes to someone like phem, who’s worked so hard to get where she is now. In a way, the throwback vibe of this line reminds us of the nostalgia of their 2018 track ‘Crypto B*txh,’ which reflects on their journey to becoming an artist and gaining more confidence. It’s also exciting to look back at the story that inspired ‘slippery slope,’ knowing that phem is now part of Hopeless Records and making some of her best work yet!

i was working at this place, it was in a mini-mall… i had just signed my first deal… but i still had no money…. and in walks the person that wasn’t the CEO of the label but, like, their right hand … big top dog…. someone u wanna look cool for, impress etc- and who i had just met maybe a week earlier…. —— “phem?? what are u doing here???” —- anyways i said hi and pretended i didn’t work there and ran into the back and snuck away , hid until they left …. then i got in my car and called my gf at the time sobbing with embarrassment… and anger….. i was really ff*xkn angry… why did i have to be so unlucky and so lucky at the same time & furthermore why was she so shocked… ya i was grinding hard to make shit happen then & had to wear multiple masks on the daily.


Now, not only is phem making so many awe-inspiring songs that have soundtracked the ups and downs of our lives, but wearing a much cooler mask. Seriously, where can we get one of these??

“Am I better off dead with a GRAMMY in my bed?”

phem never sacrifices who she is to try to make something that will go viral or be recognized on a huge scale – their work is more about connecting with other people who feel that deeply and helping those people feel less alone in what they might be going through. This line reminds us of their 2019 gabriel black collab ‘dead yet’ – on that song, phem sings, “it might be cool with you, but I’m not dead yet” as a way of describing her ambition compared to someone who’s fine with living a fairly normal life, while ‘slippery slope’ details how she’s pushed herself beyond a normal life to create art and connect with fans worldwide.

“I’m just the villain and you’re all just God…”

We love it when phem leans into a little devilishness on songs like ‘Sorry Mama’ and ‘W.W.C.B.D.,’ so you could imagine how blown away we were when we heard this lyric. This is such a unique way to describe the feeling of being an outcast or like you’re being looked down on by others! It especially stands out when you think about the earlier lyrics where phem runs into someone on the street who notices her green hair but doesn’t care enough to get to know her beyond that – it’s like how someone might reduce another person to “just” a villain without getting to know who they truly are at heart.

Okay, we’re gonna make one more connection to an earlier phem song that may or may not be a stretch… you have been warned. On phem’s 2019 track ‘VACUMHEAD,’ she introduces us to an alter ego of sorts named VACUMHEAD before diving into a buzzing chorus of “don’t go talkin’ sh*t unless you’re God” to tell people not to judge her unless they’re perfect. Whether the skeptics on ‘slippery slope’ are close to perfect or not, one thing’s for sure: phem’s doing just fine without their judgment.

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“I lived through another f*ckin’ day, either way…”

Sometimes just pushing through tough times is an accomplishment in itself, and every rough day you trudge through gets you one day closer to your dreams! If phem can make it through that fateful day in the mini-mall to make her dreams come true, you can make it through what you’re dealing with and create a better life for yourself. And while we’re all creating our dream lives, we’re thankful to have phem’s music there to inspire us! 

Which of these lyrics is your favorite? What do you think of ‘slippery slope?’ Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! If you’re in Europe, be sure to grab tickets to see phem opening up for Avril Lavigne this spring – you can learn more about the tour right here.

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