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Dustin Bird’s ‘Heart Of It’ Is A Brilliant New Love Anthem

Dustin Bird’s ‘Heart Of It’ Is A Brilliant New Love Anthem


Admittedly, many of us have experienced that confused feeling of what is going on in a relationship. Are we just friends that hang out a lot? Are we dating and exclusive? Should I ask this person what we are? It takes courage to be vulnerable and to take the risk of getting to a concrete answer. Being nervous to open up to an unknown outcome is expected. However, a little birdie told us it’s important to figure it out or get to the heart of it. Dustin Bird is flying right into our open hearts with his new single ‘Heart Of It,’ which was released on March 31st. 

The country star returns with a song that pushes the boundaries of storytelling and songwriting. Dustin Bird, as usual, continues to show how he creates brilliant love songs that are centered around crucial aspects of relationships. ‘Heart Of It’ is a song that uniquely paints an image of needing to have honest discussions through the bouncy banjo strings and Dustin’s soothing voice. Straightaway, we hit play and felt that a friend was giving us real dating advice.

According To Dustin Bird We Need To Talk

Heart Of It’ is an illustration of two people feeling something for each other and figuring out what is becoming of their spark. The repetitive, catchy, short, and sweet chorus is perfect for getting a listener hooked on the music. It also feels as if it is going in a circle mimicking the loop people stay stuck in until they have a conversation. The song focuses on an undefined and unclear relationship, or what would be considered a “situationship.”  

To put it another way, the process of what happens is when you catch feelings for someone after spending intimate late nights with them, not talking for a week, and repeating without knowing what it is. Dustin, in the song, wants to put a stop to guessing the label or what’s going on. The lyrics reflect that by being direct and to the point.  

‘Heart Of It’ has lyrics that will make you think about the longevity of a relationship if you don’t know how to control the fire that the initial spark lit. Dustin is convincing in the song. He encourages listeners to stop waiting and say something. As Dustin sings, “It’s on the top of our tongue, the top of our minds,” so take action now. Especially when that person is the only person we want to be with, regardless of distance. In essence, Dustin has created an addicting love anthem for all.

“Heart Of It speaks to that point in every relationship that has become routine – do we go on with the status quo, or do we lean into an honest conversation and assessment of where we are truly at. The opportunity to either keep things as they are, or stoke the embers and reignite the fire. Do we glide along the surface or go deep into the heart of it?” 

Dustin Bird

It’s Our Turn To Get To The ‘Heart Of It’

With all things considered, do you know what this means? We have to tell our crush that we like them. It’s time to ask the person we’ve developed feelings for if it’s mutual. Without a doubt, all of us have to listen to Dustin Bird. We have to end the “no taking chances with honesty” and dive into the chances of love. 

Dustin Bird impresses us with ‘Heart Of It.’ Since THP has good taste, for this reason, you’ll also be impressed and empowered after listening to it. Play it on repeat, and you’ll get the courage to send that risky text or make that important call. Regardless if you’re or aren’t a country fan, ‘Heart Of It’ will be a song that’s stuck in your head. If you want more encouragement to have those honest conversations, Dustin Bird has more songs for you to check out. 

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We recommend ‘Get Go’ and ‘Hating On Love.’ ‘Get Go’ is a song about people who are looking for love, want to build a connection, and that the love they want is out there. Also, give ‘Hating On Love’ a listen, as it’s about courage about loving who you love despite judgment. 

All in all, listening to ‘Heart Of It’ and Dustin Bird, in general, will bring joy into your life and reflection on important matters in life. We have to know what you think about ‘Heart Of It’ by dropping a comment below. Feel free to also let us know by tweeting us @thehoneypop. Or let us know on Facebook or Instagram. If you love Dustin Bird, don’t forget to see who else is on our fave radar.


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