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4 Visual Masterpieces By Isabel LaRosa That Will Give You Chills!

4 Visual Masterpieces By Isabel LaRosa That Will Give You Chills!

We’re constantly mindblown by the creativity of our favorite artists, and Isabel LaRosa is no exception! Our dark-pop princess is killing it with her music and visual pieces, so we’ve decided to explain why we’re obsessed with these four music videos. She has either directed or co-directed every single one of her visual stories, and she always manages to leave us speechless every time we watch her brilliant mind at work. Plus, some of these videos also match some of her tracks together, and they’re perfect for the Halloween vibes! Ready for some spooky vibes and incredible storytelling? Let’s get to it!

Content warning: Some of these music videos contain content warnings that we have specified for each video. The Honey POP encourages mindful watching and checking our content warnings before watching these videos. We would rather be safe than sorry!


Isabel’s latest single got us shook. The ‘older‘ music video combined with the song’s lyrics truly gives us goosebumps! There’s nothing spookier than being a teenage girl trying to survive the claws of a serial killer, especially when they can be closer than you think. We obviously won’t spoil it, but once you’ve watched it, come back to discuss it with us! We need to talk about the amazing story and all the details Isabel has included in this video. 👀

Content warnings: Blood, violence, romantic closeness between a student and a teacher.

i’m watching you (Official Short Film)

i’m watching you got music videos for each of its tracks, and Isabel decided to relate them to one another in this short film. We get to see her going around a neighborhood by herself at night during ‘HAUNTED,’ and right afterward, ‘HELP’ starts playing while she drives her signature red car (it’s truly not an Isabel LaRosa original if it doesn’t feature a red car). For the last video, Isabel gets angel wings and runs through a dark forest in ‘HEAVEN.’ Isabel constantly feels like she’s being chased throughout the short film, adding that certain creepiness to the entire experience and representing the title of the project.

Not only does every tune flow into one another perfectly, but the lyrics of each song capture the visual essence of every track. This is totally a masterpiece, and we definitely recommend you watch it ASAP!

‘more than friends’

‘more than friends’ is the perfect song to jam to when your feelings for someone just can’t be denied anymore, and its video is the excellent setup for the YOU FEAR THE GOD THAT LOVES YOU‘s visual journey. The first track of this EP truly captures that first love that feels dangerous but also incredibly irresistible, as Isabel sneaks out to enjoy a night with that boy who’s constantly in her mind.

Let us know if you can catch the reference to the EP’s title in the music video! We will give you a clue: it’s hidden in the very first seconds of the video. We thought it was such a smart detail!


We like to say that ‘praying’ is the creepy counterpart to ‘more than friends,’ as it follows its storyline by showing the same characters. In this video, Isabel goes to church with her mom, and she recalls all the memories she had with her love in the previous music video. There’s a certain horror movie vibe to it: the settings and the dark editing are just so good. We also love Isabel’s acting in this video, especially during the verse where she sings, “Painful, it’s hard to sit there and be grateful, faithful, I’d look for God if I were able.” It’s a perfect daunting video, if you ask us. Also, stick around for the ending. If you thought our descriptions were already giving you chills, that final scene will be the final test!

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Content warning: Blood (from nosebleeds).

Are you as obsessed with Isabel’s videos as we are? What’s your favorite music video by her? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And if you want to chat with us and our readers about your favorite artists, join our Hive in Discord!

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