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5 New Years Day Songs You Need On Your Halloween Playlists

5 New Years Day Songs You Need On Your Halloween Playlists

We love listening to New Years Day all year round, but their music really hits different when we’re gearing up for Halloween! Ash, Nikki, Jeremy, Brandon, and Trixx have helped us feel less alone in our darkest times and never fail to get us excited for the spooky season. You really can’t go wrong with any of their monster-related concepts, gothic sounds, or creepy visuals, but we wanted to suggest a few of our favorites to get you in the perfect eerie vibe for October. Holding back from recommending these tracks whenever we get a chance ‘Hurts Like Hell,’ so let’s get right into it!


One of the first things we think of when we think “Halloween” is a vampire, so NYD’s ‘Vampyre’ is a natural way to start off this list! This triumphant song is all about standing your ground against someone trying to drain you, and it’s so empowering. Dealing with that kind of person, well, bites, but you deserve much better. Going back to the vampire metaphor, we could totally see this in the soundtrack of a movie about a vampire hunter! And can we talk about how similar the single art is to the Victim To Villain album cover? Cinematic parallels.

‘Vampyre’ is a song for anyone who has battled or is battling a malignant narcissist, which, essentially, is a certain kind of person who tries to suck the life out of you. Since I have personally experienced living with this type of monster, I wanted to write a song specifically for anyone else going through something similar in hopes it may help them discover some strength or help give them power to overcome it. So this is a song for anyone who has dealt with this type of person. It insists, “You’re not going to drain the life from me.”

Ash Costello

‘My Monsters’

We’re gonna keep the empowerment theme going with ‘My Monsters,’ a track from the Unbreakable album that touches on mental health and personal strength through tough times. When those times pop up on us, we tend to go straight to New Years Day’s music, and it makes us so happy that the band seems to find the same catharsis in making that music. “I won’t let it pull me down, I’ve had enough,” Ash insists. “I’m stronger than my monsters.” 


Need a song for that eerie calm after the trick-or-treaters head home on Halloween or driving around at night as the autumn leaves fall down? ‘Tombstone’ is the perfect track for it. It’s always been one of our favorite New Years Day b-sides, so can you really blame us for including it? It’s a chilling ode to eternal love that we know we’ll love forever.

‘Bloody Mary’

One more big throwback for good measure! ‘Bloody Mary’ is an anthem about individuality and the downfalls of trying to be someone you’re not. There are so many clever lyrics in this one, with some of our faves being “don’t trip following my footsteps” and “it’s imitation, but I’m not flattered.” NYD always reminds us to be proud of who we are, and this is such a cool exploration of that concept.


Finally, let’s finish things off with a NYD classic! ‘Skeletons’ is all about wanting to know every side of someone you care about, even the darker parts they try to hide away. Ash beckons, “I don’t fear the dark, show me all your scars, I wanna know who you are.” If you see us pacing through Spirit Halloween for a black and white wig to recreate Ash’s music video look as our costume, be sure to say hi. 

Content Warning: The music video below contains flashing lights.

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Which of these New Years Day songs is your favorite? Is there another spooky song they’ve made that you can’t get enough of? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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