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It’s a ‘Beautiful Day’ To Be a Wrabel Fan

It’s a ‘Beautiful Day’ To Be a Wrabel Fan

Ever had your heart broken? Yeah, us too 😢. If you’re anything like us you probably immediately hit Spotify or Apple Music for a fix of comforting music from Gracie Abrams, Madison Beer, Lauv, or Dove Cameron to get you through all those heavy emotions 💔. Today, we’re getting through our heartbreak with one of our new favorite artists, Wrabel. The ‘Turn Up the Love’ artist offers us an intimate peek into his love life, and what heartbreak feels like on even the most ‘Beautiful Day.’ 

“I wrote ‘beautiful day’ with Eric Leva… when we wrote it, I didn’t think it would end up being a song for me, but as we finished it, it just felt too good (and too sad) to not record it. Eric and Sam de Jong produced it, and Stevie Blacke played the absolutely gorgeous strings all over it. It’s the feeling of a heartbreak ruining something so simple as a beautiful day; the lush music representing the sun beaming over a clear blue sky, not a cloud in sight, and the lyrics and melody cutting through like a storm coming in.”

Wrabel via Press Release

Wrabel also provides us with a stunning visual for the new track. As viewers, we are taken through a forest, experiencing all of nature’s beauty. The imagery compared to the song is quite paradoxical. With lyrics such as “You made me this way, left me on a beautiful afternoon,” it’s hard to imagine how they could be so sad overlaying such beautiful imagery 🍃💟. Even with a broken heart, we can’t help but fall in love with this video.

Wrabel speaks about something that we’ve all experienced at least once before! We wake up, and the sun is shining, but we don’t feel that same sunlight within ourselves. Whether that all-too-familiar feeling comes from heartbreak, depression, or general sadness, we’ve all been there. Artists like Wrabel make us feel seen and heard in those isolating feelings!

Not only do we get to immerse ourselves in his stunning vocals, but we also get a peak of Wrabel’s personal style in the video. With shades and fashion that cool, we have no choice but to stan 😎! Can we be Wrabel’s new bestie?!

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Image Credit: Yazz Alali

If you enjoy music from Ben Rector or FINNEAS, you’ll certainly fall right in love with Wrabel’s sound 😍. Wrabel’s new album, based on a true story, will be available for streaming on November 17, but until then, stream ‘Beautiful Day’ until your ears bleed 🩸🎧. If you’re excited about becoming a Wrabel fan, let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! 🐝


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