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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Gracie Abrams

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams is an American songwriter, singer, and what some may say the new “sad girl” of music. Despite debuting recently in 2019, Abrams’ career has taken off with 7.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify currently! She is best known as one of the opening acts for the US leg of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, the opening act of Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour Tour, and her song ‘Stay’ starring in Netflix’s Dash & Lily. Her debut album Good Riddance, released on 24 February 2023, and its deluxe edition, released on 16 June 2023, are the perfect combination of pop and alternative/indie and showcase her artistic talents brilliantly (Stream Good Riddance (Deluxe) here). And now let’s jump into it! Here are the top 5 reasons why we, The Honey Pop, stan Gracie Abrams and you should too. 

Her song lyrics

Let us start with the main reason fans fall in love with Gracie Abrams and her artistry. Her lyrics. Abrams’ songs encapsulate such normal but beautiful moments in life. Such as Gracie Abrams’ song ‘Feels Like’ from her second EP This Is What It Feels Like which she wrote about her best friend: “Met you at the right time. This is what it feels like.” So freaking adorable, right?

It feels like Abrams lives in our minds when she writes her lyrics. Take for example Gracie Abrams’ song ‘Camden’ from This Is What It Feels Like. “I never said it, but I know that I can’t picture anything past 25“. Have we not felt like this at least once in our life? We know we have. When don’t we feel this way may be the real question. Abrams’ lyrics have such raw emotions and vulnerability captured in them that it is cathartic to scream along to the songs as you drive down the highway, with your windows open or closed (we would recommend closed because do we really want people to hear us sobbing as we sing?).

In addition to vulnerability, Gracie Abrams shines in the poetic aspect of songwriting. Examples that come to our mind instantly are:

I guess the gravity of going down is sinking in

‘Hard to Sleep,’ This Is What It Feels Like

Just brush me off ‘cause I’m your ghost right now, your house is haunted

‘I know it won’t work,’ Good Riddance

Abrams has the talent of making every song sound so personal to her but at the same time, anyone can relate to it. We need to give a special mention to how vulnerable Abrams is with her lyrics, pointing the blame to herself for a failed relationship in many songs from her album Good Riddance. This sense of vulnerability is what fans love about Abrams, letting them connect not just to the lyrics but to Abrams herself.  You can read what The Honey Pop thinks of Abrams’ art of vulnerability in her debut album Good Riddance here!

Her unique voice

Gracie Abrams performing at the Something In The Water Festival
Image Source: Nicolita Bradley

Now to the most noticeable reason we stan Gracie Abrams, her voice. We honestly do not even have the words to describe how beautiful and mesmerizing her voice is. But we will try our best.

Abrams’ voice is emotive and whispery, soft and quiet, as she whispers her vulnerable secrets into your ears. Her voice is breathy yet controlled. This intensifies the vulnerability and emotions in Abrams’ music. Sort of like she is so overwhelmed by her emotions that she is gasping for breath as she sings. It makes us cry every time we sit down and listen to Abrams’ discography without distractions. We are currently crying right now as we listen to ‘Camden’ and write this.

Her fan interactions

The relationship between Gracie Abrams and her fans is more like one between friends rather than a celebrity and their fans. From taking the time to have conversations with her fans and taking their BeReal during concerts to apologizing to fans for having to wait in the rain to meet her. She is honestly so sweet with her fans that it makes us tear up. There are so many other wholesome interactions that make us goes “awww”. We can just go on and on about them.

Additionally, Abrams interacts with her fans through social media platforms, showcasing their baked treats on the eve of and in honor of her new release(s). She accepts numerous gifts from fans during concerts and never fails to show them off on her Instagram stories. Abrams cares deeply for her fans, pausing her concerts mid-song to hand out water or tell people to move away and give someone space when she sees they are not feeling well or are being pushed and meeting fans who fainted during the concert after to make sure they are okay. The relationship between Gracie Abrams and her fans is a precious relationship to witness and be a part of.

Her live performances

Gracie Abrams sounds just as good live as she does in her studio versions. Dare we say she sounds better live? Yes, we dare because she does! If you have not seen one of her live performances yet, go watch this! It will be hard not to stan her after that.

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Her live performances are moving, evoking emotions through her vulnerable lyrics and whispery voice. The beauty and power in her voice really shine during her live performances. The stage lighting adds to her performance, never failing to disappoint fans by casting beautiful hues across the stage and venue. Fans love to experience her music live, going as far as camping outside venues 15 hours before a concert. Insane? No, we just think they are passionate and dedicated to their favorite artist.

We here at The Honey Pop believe a Gracie Abrams live performance is a must to attend at least once in your lifetime! It will be hard not to stan her after that.

Her dog, Weenie

Last but not least, Gracie Abrams’ dog, Weenie. Look at how cute he is!!! Our hearts are melting. Weenie is definitely a fan favorite! Fans love to ask Abrams how Weenie is doing whenever they have the opportunity and gift Abrams Weenie-themed things such as Weenie stuffed toys and collages of Weenie. Abrams had also included Weenie-themed merch in the Gracie Abrams Back to School Bundle, currently not on sale.  Safe to say, Weenie is the most beloved member of Gracie Abrams’ fandom (and her dog may just be the reason we stan Gracie Abrams as much as we do here at The Honey Pop. Shhh, don’t tell anyone).

And here they are! The 5 reasons we think you should stan Gracie Abrams and add her to your Spotify Wrapped. You can read more about why The Honey Pop loves Gracie Abrams here!

Let us know why you stan Gracie Abrams and your favorite song in the comments below or share it with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at @thehoneypop!


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