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Four Reasons Why FOUR Is One Direction’s Best Album

Now if only the dates were not through a screen but in real life. Maybe one day, delulu will be the solulu.

Picture of Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron Slays With Another Lethal Weapon

A femme fatale type of vibe. And we simply love.

Here’s Why Red (Taylor’s Version) Is Still On Our Minds

Are you telling us that any song will ever come close to Taylor giving us the ATW 10-minute version?

Picture of Taylor Swift on stage with 2 backup dancers putting on a coat

5 Fall Fashion Essentials for Taylor Swift Fans

It’s time to see people bundled up in their mittens and coats with the autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Grab Your Copy of Firsts And Lasts Right Away!

Imagine telling a demon you summoned to f**k off? Iconic and hilarious.

Red filtered picture of a car in front of building.

The Paper Kites At The Roadhouse Lets Us Live Different Lives

It has the exact music and lyrics to truly make you live through that experience.

Sam Short Shows The World How To Release A Perfect Debut EP with Faulty Wiring

This one’s for the depressed and self-sabotaging girlies.

Crowd picture. Image credits: Brittaney Penney

THP’s Declassified Concert Survival Guide: How To Enjoy A Solo Concert

Attend that concert solo and enjoy yourself to the max because it will be one of the best experiences of your life!

Sadie Jean’s Latest Single ’16’ Has Us Crying In Nostalgia

Sadie Jean has only four releases but 4.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify! Crazy, right?

Our Fave Moments From Luke Hemmings’ When Facing The Things We Turn Away From Era

Nothing Luke Hemmings does could ever be considered bad.