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THP’s Declassified Concert Survival Guide: How To Enjoy A Solo Concert

THP’s Declassified Concert Survival Guide: How To Enjoy A Solo Concert

Crowd picture. Image credits: Brittaney Penney

Ever wanted to attend a concert but you have no one to go with? Your friends do not listen to the artist or they are unavailable. Either way, it sucks! There is the option of attending the concert alone but it seems daunting if it is your first time so you decide to skip out on it. Well, we are here to tell you to stop! Stop and buy that ticket because we are here to help you through this process so it is not as scary. So go ahead and attend that concert solo, watch the artist live, and enjoy yourself to the max because it will be one of the best experiences of your life!

If you are still not sure about attending a concert solo, here are some of the pros of attending a solo concert:

  1. No compromising! This is especially applicable to those who get the VIP packages. Do you want to stand in the merch line? Do it. Do you want to wait in line to take a picture with a poster or something put up? Do it. You have no one to agree with or worry about but yourself!
  2. You can get whichever seat you want! You are not restricted by anyone else’s budget or preference, only yours. So you can get a seat quicker and wherever you want before the concert sells out!
  3. You are working on your own schedule! You can leave when you want, arrive when you want, or go get food or pee when you want.
  4. You can do whatever you want in the queue! Want to listen to music and ignore the world? You can do it. Want to read a book or do a crossword puzzle? You can do it! You can do anything you want.
  5. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make more friends! This may sound terrifying but who wouldn’t love having more friends that have the same music taste as you? We know we would.
Picture of a concert crowd. Image Source: Brittaney Penney Photography 2022
Image Source: Brittaney Penney Photography 2022

Plan, plan, plan

Did we mention plan? No? Well, plan! It is better to be overprepared than not prepared at all.

Do not leave everything to the last day or last minute. Here is a small checklist we created to help you out:

  • Pack the bag you will be taking with you a day before. Do not leave it on the day of, you will be scrambling at the last minute and be super stressed out. *
  • Plan your outfit in advance and not a week before because you will need some time to shop and put together an outfit if you don’t have anything. Also, lay the outfit out the day before.
  • Transport: check how you will be getting to the venue a few days before so you know what time you need to start getting ready to get to the concert in time.
  • Check out the weather for the day so you can carry any essential items like an umbrella if needed.
  • Stay updated on the event through the artist’s social media!
  • Stay updated on any fan projects by following 2-3 main fan accounts of the music artist or just looking up the tour and your city on Google along with “fan project.” Concerts usually involve such projects and the word is spread through the hashtag on social media. Just search up #musicartistnamecity

*Most importantly, look at the prohibitions of the venue over on their website. They usually will be listed either under “Venue Information” or in the FAQ section. Venues usually have bag policies and water, food, and other restrictions. Make sure you read up on those a week or so earlier.

Dress up!

Dress however you want, whatever makes you comfortable! You can draw some outfit inspiration from our different artists and their fans’ iconic looks!

Do not be afraid to go all out with your outfit! Do not be scared that people will judge you or anything of the sense because we can promise you, it will not be the case. You will get compliments if you dress up extravagantly not judgy looks even if you are alone. It might even be a great way to make friends. Honestly, it is fine even if you don’t want to dress up. It is you attending the concert so wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and ensures that you will enjoy the concert the best including meeting people, being part of the crowd, and standing up and dancing along to your music artist’s music live.

Warning: Do not, and we really do mean do not, wear heels if you are not 100% comfortable with them and can’t stand longer than 30 minutes without your feet hurting. Trust us, it is not worth it just to look taller or better. It may seem like a good decision at first, but you will be cursing yourself by the time you even enter the venue after waiting in the queue with no one to lean your weight on.

If camping, be prepared!

If camping in the queue for more than 3 hours, carry an umbrella whether it will be sunny or rainy or cold! It will provide you with shade and block the wind.

Look up restaurants and fast food chains nearby to get food, water, or use their washroom to pee. You can leave in between and ask the people ahead of you or behind you to hold your place. No one will say no! Everyone is here to watch the same artist and understand. They will be super sweet about it.

Carry an item that the venue does not prohibit such as a book, earphones, charged AirPods, or a puzzle book. Anything you like really. You will be there alone for a while and will get bored so remember to have something enjoyable to pass the time. Remember to charge your AirPods and carry a power bank if you do choose to listen to music or sit on your phone.

Look after yourself!

Since you have made the wonderful and brave decision to attend a concert on your own, please, please, please look after yourself! There are no friends to remind you to drink water or eat or anything so take care of yourself.

Stay hydrated, eat food, make sure you do not get heat exhaustion, and apply sunscreen! Remember to pee! You do not want to be fidgeting in place during the concert because you decided to hold your pee for too long. Take a coat or umbrella to ensure you don’t have to end up going to the hospital mid-concert due to hypothermia (drastic, we know but we need to get the point across).

And once again we really do emphasize, stay hydrated! We have attended too many concerts where people end up fainting from dehydration and you know what happens when you faint? You miss the concert you fought the great war for a ticket to witness one of your favorite music artists live! And there will be no friend to take videos for you to watch later (well there is TikTok but is that the same as seeing it live?).

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Make friends!

Do not be afraid to talk to the people attending the concert, either in the queue or at the venue itself once you are inside. Everyone is super sweet and no one is rude! They are all here to watch the same artist as you and are just as excited. So do not be afraid to strike up a conversation about the artist. Go full stan mode. You might just end up making some really good, and maybe lifelong, friends.

You can read TheHoneyPop’s guides to different fandoms if you need to find some topics as conversation starters!

We know some of you may have social anxiety and will not talk to anyone. But we promise you, it will not be so bad. Even if you do not end up making any friends that you stay in contact with, you tried! And you got to talk to someone about the artist even if it is just a small comment on an inside joke in the fandom. But as always, do what makes you comfortable, and do not push yourself! You will enjoy the concert whether you talk to people or make friends or not, that we can 100% guarantee.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Remember that you are there to watch the music artist live so enjoy yourself! Dance as much as you want and however, you want. Sing as loud as you want. Take as many videos and pictures as you like. Do whatever you want to without the fear of others’ judgment so you can enjoy the concert, (as long as you are not harming anyone or ruining anyone’s experience) because no one will be watching you even though your mind tricks you into thinking that.

And again, as if we have not already said it enough times, we’ll say it once more. Plan and enjoy yourself!

But what tips would you give to someone attending their first solo concert? What is your favorite memory from a solo concert? Let us know in the comments below or over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at @thehoneypop!

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